Block the Bots - Add ReCaptcha to your Forms

Protect your web forms from phishing scams, bots, and brute force hacks with quick, simple and secure reCAPTCHA integrations from Array.

Add an extra layer of security

Bots and phishing scams are a huge source of worry for any organization collecting data online. The last thing you want is an automated bot engaging in underhand activities on your forms and other pages. So don’t worry. Use Array to install reCAPTCHA security that blocks bots and safeguards genuine users.

Implement reCAPTCHA in seconds

Adding an extra element of security to your Array forms takes just seconds. Simply select reCAPTCHA from the form builder menu, and customize your security. Array lets you specify the colors, dimensions, and audio/visual options of reCAPTCHA elements, keeping them consistent with your branding.

Safeguard your sensitive information

Extra security isn’t just optional. If you’re collecting sensitive information from your field workers or from your customers, you need to protect that data. Array makes it simple to safeguard information, and uses powerful security systems to keep the information you capture safe at all times.

See More Security Features

  • User Permissions

    Control access to forms and fields by setting user permissions for your various forms and functions. Link permissions to user IDs, or to passwords for an extra layer of data security.

  • Data Encryption

    Safeguard your valuable data with secure data encryption. Array’s in-built encryption functions protect the information you gather from the second it’s logged.

  • Password Protected

    Safeguard your important data and ensure only the right people can complete your forms with simple, secure password functionality.

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