Array Affiliate Program

Promote Array via your website, email marketing or social channels and earn up to $500 commission for every new paid customer you send our way.

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         Referrals = Commission

  • Earn Commission

    Any referral you send to us, which signs up for a paid plan will be eligible for commission of up to $500. All we ask is that the account is 90 days old and is paid up to date.

  • The Path to Success

    Track the number of referrals you have sent, the commission you are owed and how much you have earned so far through your affiliate dashboard.

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The Perfect Match

We offer a simple and transparent affiliate commission structure. In return for referring targeted traffic to our website, we pay up to $500 in commission for each referral who signs up to a paid plan for 90 days. You can monitor your performance through our affiliate dashboard, which is made available immediately after your account is activated.

How to get started

step 1 - sign up for affiliate account

# 1

Sign up

Complete our affiliate sign-up form, it will only take a few minutes. Your account and affiliate links will be available immediately.

step 2 - Promote Array

# 2

Promote Array

Share your affiliate link with anybody you choose. Your website, social channels, or email to your marketing list.

We will provide you with a media pack containing our branding, banners and an overview of the Array platform which can be used to create your content.

step 3 - earn commission

# 3

Earn Commission

Earn up to a huge $500 for each qualifying referral.

Affiliate Commission Structure

The Array affiliate program is a great opportunity for infuencers and content creators who have a large following and wish to spread awareness of Array while earning commission. We will provide all the support you need to create targeted content and become and expert in Array.

Affiliate Program FAQs

Does it cost anything to join the Array Affiliate program?

No, membership is completely free, and your account is ready to go as soon as you sign up.


Do I need to be an Array customer to join the Affiliate program?

No, you do not need to be a customer of Array to join and start earning commission.


I have questions before I sign-up?

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have:

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