When we say Array is flexible, we mean it. And while we love to mention our work with Walmart, the UK Government, and all sorts of logistics and appraisal organizations, there’s another industry where putting Array into action is helping everything run that much smoother.

It’s the food manufacturing industry.

We’re all increasingly aware of what goes onto our plates and into our bodies. So when it comes to picking something off the grocery store shelf, we want to know it’s safe.

Customers demand safe food. And governments demand 100% compliance with safety rules and regulations. So food manufacturers need to be safe and compliant.

But following these safety procedures can have an effect on productivity, which drives up costs and prices. And nobody wants that. Not producers, and definitely not customers.

So food manufacturers need a tool that can help them improve compliance, keep food safety standards high, and increase productivity.

They need Array.

Boost Food Safety

How do you make sure every forkful of food is perfectly safe? By keeping track of everything. Every product, every person, every process. And a digital paper trail lets you spot any issues long before you’re forced to implement a costly recall.

Array is designed for auditing. For safety and compliance audits at every level of your organization. For data capture from quality assurance teams. And for simple, easy inspection templates that can be designed in minutes and sent out to your QA teams in an instant.

When you know exactly what’s happening, you can keep standards high and ensure compliance. And when everything’s logged, you can prove it too.

Prevent Public Health Related Shutdowns

Shutdowns are at the front of every food manufacturer’s mind right now, with Coronavirus lockdowns happening in states across the US and countries around the world. Someone being sick has the potential to cost your organization tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

But Array lets you issue and monitor compliance checklists. For health, safety and hygiene. Has a worker failed to follow your guidelines? Is someone on shift who really shouldn’t be? You’ll know straight away, and you’ll be able to act before the problem spreads.

Connect Across Your Chain

Even a tool as simple and powerful as Array is only useful if it connects with the other systems and equipment that you use. Food manufacturing supply chains are long and complex, starting from the moment food is grown or raised, to the minute it’s put on a supermarket shelf. So you need a tool that will seamlessly fit into your processes.

That’s why Array works with Cooper Atkins thermometers and monitoring equipment straight out of the box. We’ll even package Array with ready-made Cooper Atkins forms that are ready to go from minute one. And if you need other connectivity, we’ll help you link your Array dashboard to any tools you use.

Safety couldn’t be simpler.

Array is made to be easy to use. Whether you want to maintain safety standards at your processing or packaging facility, keep productivity high in your shipping depot, or monitor compliance across your whole food manufacturing operation. From farm to fork, we keep things simple.

And what could be better than simplicity?

Well, how about a free trial? You can try Array for free for one of your compliance processes today. And if it makes your life easier, we’ll explain how you can think bigger and put Array into action across your whole food manufacturing and distribution chain.

See how Array can make your food manufacturing processes safer, for free.