The potential for huge fines in the food and beverage industry means you need to ensure your compliance checks are all completed first time with nothing left to chance.

So, you need the right tools for the job and if you are still using paper for your health and safety checks then you may be opening yourself up to errors that can be easily avoided.

Here are three reasons why it is time to ditch the paper and take your food and beverage checks digital.

Paper Checks slow your Team Down

Where are those pesky checklists?

Shoved in a desk drawer somewhere?

Finding and filling in a paper checklist is an annoying affair which takes time, effort, and reduces productivity in a busy work environment.

Inspecting and analyzing completed checklists takes valuable management time as well which can be served much better with immediate custom reports by using Array’s digital capabilities to present intelligent data.

Paper records need to be prepared ready for inspections, adding to the overhead as well as being stored in a correct secure manner while Array digital forms are secured safely and securely in our network which is easily searchable and presentable.

No Paper Reminders

On paper, there is nothing to remind staff on when they should perform a check or alert a manager that a vital inspection has not been carried out.

If there is a problem a key person may not know until much later, leading to issues worsening in the interim.

Array allows you to set important auto-reminders to staff so they never miss a check and ensure you always remain compliant.


Can paper checklists actually be accurate or just a tick-boxing exercise?

It is often hard to know with often little to no accountability to ensure correct procedure has been adhered to.

With Array, your staff will have a login and making them accountable and responsible for ensuring the checks are carried out correctly.

Our Array food and beverage abilities allow you to adapt your business processes in order to collect, analyze and work flexibly with our all in one place software.

Learn more about how Array improves the food and beverage industry.

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