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Using apps on smartphones have come a long way for many businesses, including the commercial construction industry. Not only are they allowing contractors to streamline their workflows, but they're also making it easier to collect, access, and store data. Many of these apps will help save money, but contractors are also using them for site inspections. We’re going to talk about five reasons why your construction service needs a safety inspection app.

Assigning Tasks Becomes Smoother

Using a safety inspection app allows construction services to provide team members with immediate notifications. Therefore, when managers need to communicate a change or a new task needs to be assigned, there’s no lag. Managers will receive instant alerts regarding start times on the field, and every member of the team can synchronize their calendars.

A survey conducted by Statista reports that the most popular categories used among app users include tools (99.8%), communication (99.4%), and productivity (92%). What that means is, the implementation of a safety inspection app is a tool that can help improve communication and productivity. Coordinating projects from start to finish with every member of the team, from those in the office to crews in the field, is critical during a safety inspection.

Reporting Tools Increase Operational Visibility

Monitoring the quality of the work team members are completing is a priority for every construction service. According to a survey conducted by GoCanvas where results were collected from over 1,600 decision-makers, they used apps 49% of the time for work orders, 31% to create checklists, and 61% to complete inspections.

Reporting tools help managers automate processes for inspections for equipment, as well as track it in real-time.

Using a safety inspection app also allows managers to create a punch list to identify, record, and track construction deficiencies. In doing so, they know what’s going to happen, when, and by whom. With a single click, managers can format these reports. That way, they can easily complete inspection forms and manage project workflows.

Documenting Projects Becomes Seamless

Documenting projects and collecting data can occur seamlessly within the inspection app. It’s possible to update projects using pictures, text notes, and voice in real-time. Mobile access also allows construction services to develop formatted reports during inspections. It’s convenient to use these devices, no matter if it’s on a smartphone or tablet. The main reason is that team members can work offline performing an inspection and then sync with the inspection app later. Then, they can generate reports that can be automatically sent to owners, subcontractors, and other stakeholders.

Compliance Tracking Becomes Effortless

The quality of work can be monitored closely by opening, closing, and re-opening task items on the inspection app. Managers can track tasks by the item title, descriptions, and user-defined categories. That means they can easily track trends, project performance, and determine possible problems. These features provide peace of mind to stakeholders, as well as all others involved in the project that all standard operating procedures are checked and adhered to consistently.

When completing these compliance inspections, managers can also submit data from anywhere and at any time. The tailor-made compliance checks they’re conducting using the inspection app ensure they’re not taking any risks. They’re also providing evidence that all procedures are being carried out professionally and safely.


Security is a concern of many companies who are working with sensitive data and hiring a construction service. According to the 2019 Webroot Threat Report, more than 50% of devices that were infected once were re-infected again that same calendar year. Due to statistics like that, as well as other cyber threats, companies are requiring construction services to make security a priority.

Using an inspection app helps alleviate some of that worry. As soon as a project is complete, managers can remove it from the app easily with one click. That’s not the only security measure they can take. Managers can assign specific stakeholders, team members, and subcontractors individual permissions to sensitive data. These permissions incorporate the use of CAPTCHA key codes to help ensure only specific individuals have access to this data. If roles change or the project ends, the permissions are removed.


The commercial construction industry is changing as digital trends continue providing innovations for speeding productivity, improving workflows, and streamlining the safety inspection process. Safety inspection apps are an integral tool for assigning tasks, reporting, documenting projects, maintaining compliance, and providing optimal security.

Managers can keep track of the teams, maintain effective communication, utilize high-quality data collection tools, monitor tasks, and ensure sensitive data remains secure.

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