Field Service Engineer

You hired your field service engineer for her abilities to wrangle rambunctious construction crews, defuse volatile situations with suppliers, and provide leadership while interacting with customers. Why not cement your company’s place as an industry leader and set her up for continued success by using the latest technology tools for effective construction project communication?

Construction Site Planning Using Array’s Form Builder

Every construction project starts with initiation and planning activities. During project planning, your field engineer contributes to the communication plan that supports efficient interchange among staff and stakeholders. This plan identifies who needs what project information as well as the frequency and methods for information exchange. When executed properly, your team gets a significant boost in productivity and morale.

Workflow processes are at the heart of every communication plan, and making those processes more efficient is the key ingredient for sustained market growth in the construction industry. How do you gain the needed visibility to improve your processes? Let today’s technology shine a light on your workflow activities.

Using Array’s interactive, digital form builder tool allows your field service engineer to always have the big picture when it comes to project operations. After retrieving information from completed forms that are kept securely in cloud storage, she’ll use the insight to streamline work efforts by modifying forms such as safety, site survey, and quality assurance checklists while on the go.

The tool’s automated features allow her to push change notifications to work crews and stakeholders in real time. Its built-in version control options make sure that everyone is on the same page whether they are working at the same site or at remote locations. Armed with an easy way to generate custom forms and communicate their value, your field service engineer doesn’t have to wait until the next project to improve workflow processes.

Construction Project Execution with Reports and Automation

According to a Sage survey of construction companies, over half of the polled building contractors said that they wanted consistent, updated financial and project information. This seems like an achievable goal with today’s digital data collection and reporting methods. However, construction teams that still rely on paper forms limit themselves on the type and frequency of reports that they can produce for senior leadership.

State-of-the-art data capture and reporting systems such as those offered by Array allow your field engineer and team members to quickly produce reports that are relevant and timely. Since the tools are interactive and easy to use, your field service engineer can give you the exact information that you need without interrupting job site operations and workflows.

Technology is changing the way that construction companies work and manage projects. For instance, general contractors are now using drones to get aerial videos and pictures of worksites. The footage allows construction teams to produce more accurate building measurements and conduct more thorough inspections without the associated safety hazards. Imagine having enterprise tools that allow your field service engineer to quickly include data from drones into custom reports for managers and other stakeholders.

When looking for ways to improve your project’s communication and work activities, you’ll want more than just a software package. Array backs its enterprise tools with solid support. Staff members work with you to find your most pressing communication challenges and to show you solutions that fit your unique needs. No technical experience is required.

Project Delivery Made Simple with Reports and Mobile Access

Your field engineer gets smarter with each project delivery, and your company should too. Today’s software allows field service engineers to collect and give feedback about construction projects regardless of location. These contributions help to streamline operations and mitigate risks for future projects.

Mobile access to construction data and documentation is a growing trend according to industry insiders. A field service engineer who can use a mobile device to update reports and sign work orders is more responsive and productive than one who must wait to get back to a desk to do the same tasks.

With Array’s software, your field service engineer can use her Apple or Android device to complete work products, send documents to senior leadership for review, and get approval for work activities without leaving the job site. The ability to use your custom forms offline using your smartphone or tablet is another time-saving feature of the tool.

Every business survives by fostering relationships with clients, and construction companies are no different. Showing your customers that you care about exceeding their expectations often takes the form of end-of-project questionnaires. Array’s mobile-enabled tools allow your field service engineer to administer surveys to customers upon project delivery. She doesn’t have to wait to email the survey or risk it being ignored in an inbox. Through her favorite mobile device, she can capture feedback from customers when their experiences are fresh in their minds, which supports your company’s customer care initiatives and strategic goals for quality workmanship.


Connected worksites are common elements of modern construction projects. Software tools such as the ones that Array offers allow your field service engineer to link in-office management teams to worksite crews and customers with ease.

Array helps construction operation professionals effectively communicate and improve operations visibility. Array's customizable forms and reports enable better construction site workflows by increasing project visibility and improving field communications.

To see how your construction company can have a better workflow, schedule a 1-on-1 demo with one of our construction operations specialists now.

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