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4 Best Survey Tools to Collect Accurate Field Data Faster

Site surveyors are responsible for collecting accurate field data. The quicker and more accurately they complete this task, the faster crews can begin working. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, surveyors have access to a wide range of tools to analyze complex information and make decisions faster. We're going to discuss the best survey tools for collecting accurate field data more quickly. These tools allow surveyors to move more rapidly in the field, capture data quicker, and read interfaces easier. Each of these solutions not only helps improve workflows but also streamline a surveyor's most used routines.

Multi-Touchscreen Controllers

When surveyors depend on the data they're collecting in the field, it's critical they're using the best survey tools. Multi-touchscreen controllers ensure they're gathering real-time information and, in doing so, it's possible to create an instant analysis. These devices are handheld, rugged, and made to work as a small computer. With a backlit computer keyboard, they're optimized for data entry no matter what conditions the land surveyor is working in. The multi-touchscreen controller's screen is modern and runs on the latest software.

Mobile access

Use of mobile access, in conjunction with multi-touchscreen controllers, as well as other handheld devices, allows surveyors to have access to data with no signal. When they have this access, this means every member of the crew can collect data, sign documents, and share pictures when they’re working offline. Mobile access also allows surveyors to keep tabs on their team, communicate, and receive updates regarding the progress on a project.

Handheld Receivers

No matter if the surveyor is involved in mapping or surveying, handheld receivers should be on their list of surveying tools. The main reason is for its precision. It will help surveyors measure highly accurate data up to 10 mm H and 20 mm V. These systems are simple to set up, making it possible for site crews to maximize productivity. Surveyors will also find that handheld receivers will easily pair with their tablet or smartphone for seamless integration. Handheld controllers also provide centimeter and submeter positioning accuracy.


Automation is a key consideration when working as a surveyor in the field. The main reason is that it’s critical to respond to specific concerns automatically. Receivers connect to mobile apps using Bluetooth technology to deliver location data with detailed accuracy. Therefore, it’s possible to collect and share professional-grade positioning using an integrated antenna on-demand.

Web-Based Environments

Setting up a web-based environment involves using GPS (global positioning system) to collect and report data. The GPS uses satellite signals for pinpointing specific locations on the land. Surveyors find that, when they set up this web-based environment, they can collect accurate latitude and longitudinal information regardless of weather conditions. They can also use these GPS coordinates without measuring the distance between points or angles. GPS surveying tools allow surveyors to receive almost instantaneous results.


Because the results the surveyor is receiving is almost instantaneous, they can generate reports quickly. In doing so, surveyors can see the big picture of collected data by viewing all that’s collected. They can also focus on hand-picked elements within the data collection to gain specific insights. Generating these reports also allows surveyors to view data by a particular location, including in the form of text and graphs, as well as having access to high-quality photos, video, and audio. These data points allow surveyors to create geo-referenced reports and projects, as well as communications while they’re on-the-go. Because they can digitally transfer reports and other data collections, it allows them to create mobile reference stations that have time-saving solutions.

Robotic Systems

When surveyors are looking for a powerful solution in their surveying tools arsenal, the use of robotic systems is an optimal solution. Not only is this high-performance device compact, but it's also efficient and works twice as fast as larger models of yesteryear. Robotic systems have reflectorless measurement power that's long-range and will work as a solution for hybrid positioning. Prism tracking and ultrasonic motors make robotic systems highly accurate.


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Streamlining the process of data collection to speed things up for land surveyors is a priority for many working in the field. The implementation of multi-touchscreen controllers, handheld receivers, web-based environments, and robotic systems are all ways that will help them achieve that goal.

Utilization of mobile access, automation, reporting, and security will support these efforts as well.

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