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You have a big problem. Your construction projects are growing in size and scale . . . BUT productivity levels are low. There’s trouble completing projects on time and budget. Workflows are measured poorly. And the problems don’t stop there.

Do you know where your crews are? (Hopefully not out on a coffee and donut run). There’s an inability to collect accurate data as to who’s doing what and where.

If you’re worried about the way things are going, there’s a solution that enables construction companies to “do” the right thing and stop making mistakes when collecting accurate project data and improving construction workflow.

Don’t do the don’ts

You might see it around: paper. While paper belongs on trees, it doesn’t belong on the job site. But very often, it’s all about paper. It’s collected in batches, and can often be found everywhere. How many times have you seen items like these written on paper?

  • Estimates
  • Project drawings
  • RFIs
  • Submittals
  • Punch lists
  • Invoices
  • Contracts
  • Employee timesheets
  • Equipment hours
  • Production quantities
  • Change requests

You couldn’t keep track of everything. What happens if your documents get lost in the shuffle? Documents have been found stuck in a truck side door or between the seats. How many of these items need to get into office systems, but there are problems with double entry? You might have to dig through file cabinets to find paper documents. Paper’s less accurate and can cause slow response times and delays, especially when weeks have passed and it’s learned that a crew has gone over hours or when the crew is behind. Let’s face it, you can’t keep track of everything.

Nothing’s accurate about any of this. Don’t do these don’ts for collecting your data.

Let’s get serious.

Consider these facts: Construction is one of the least digitized industries, including for digitization of work. Time and cost overruns are common. Over 20% of projects are taking longer to finish, and 80% are over budget. According to McKinsey, there’s inadequate communication, resulting in inconsistencies in reporting so contractors, subcontractors, and project owners don’t have a common knowledge of how the project is doing.

McKinsey also went on to report that digital collaboration and mobility were important as part of digital construction organization. This features moving paperless projects to work teams and the back office.

What’s causing lagging productivity and a proper construction workflow? It goes back to how it’s being done. The goal is to improve your construction workflow.

Do the dos

Do use an automated cloud-based data collection software solution that enables your construction company to replace those inefficient paper forms.

Array provides the ability to quickly create branded drag-and-drop customizable mobile forms. There’s also a collection of pre-build templates for specific industries so you can make quick work of the paper.

You can efficiently improve your construction workflow. You collect data from your forms and automate your digital forms construction workflow. You directly email information to a particular person or department, using Array’s form logic and dropdown selection. Specific emails are triggered based on the selections made on the form. Attachments can be added to emails.

For extra levels of security with your attachments, you can embed the form iframes, embed HTML code, and finally convert the information into a QR code that the recipient(s) have to scan in order to access the form.

Array’s ability to enhance workflow saves time and improves efficiency for you, your crew, the back office staff, and stakeholders, all of whom need to be in the know. If there is an area like an electrical outlet that was installed in the wrong place, a notification is made to identify and direct the individual(s) to make the correction. Crews will also need to know when to ramp up for the next phase of the project.

Array’s mobile access provides an accurate view of what’s going on at the job site. You can collect data, take photos, and sign documents. You even write over the information on the screen. You can send data via customized emails automatically through Android and iOS devices whether you’re online or offline.

Array’s report function allows you to view all of your data broken down into segments like geographical location submissions, videos, pictures, audio uploads, and graphs. When you select the “Submissions” button, you can see all data to gain specific insights.

Do add Array

Array’s automated functions help you increase your project visibility and provide streamlined field communications for a successful construction workflow.

Automate your construction workflow for your company. Array offers an affordable and efficient way for you to get everyone on the same page. And leave the paper in the forest.

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