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How many bins do you have full of shredded paper?

In a typical construction business, paper is everywhere. There’s often a mad dash to locate important information like invoices and drawings, and reports are made and driven to the office—all on paper. There’s also the possibility of losing them.

If you’re not using mobile technology for your construction service company, those bins are probably overflowing, including those out on the job site.

It’s not a great way for your company to work, especially for your crews in the field. If you could find a way to reduce all that paper—AND reduce the human error that comes with using paper, would you?

There’s real-time mobile technology that helps reduce the human errors in field service jobs that can result when working on the job site, especially when it comes to communications, safety practices, and compliance inspections.

Move into cloud-based data capture

Some old ways of data capture are being used even today. In addition to paper, methods like spreadsheets and keyboards are time-consuming and expensive based on the amount of time taken to input the data and correcting any mistakes that might result. When data is input manually, you run the risk of human errors leading to serious consequences in terms of crew safety and safety inspections.

Let’s face it. Collecting data from a construction site is difficult. There are inaccurate manual processes and communicating with large numbers of workers to contend with. Information isn’t available in real-time, and there’s little visibility and lack of accountability as to who’s doing what.

If you would like to move away from previous data capture methods, an automated digital solution exists that uses mobile data capture in real-time. This can save you time and money.

Array creates online forms and shares data across multiple devices for those who need the information. It provides a drag-and-drop function for form creation or you can use any available pre-designed templates, eliminating the time needed for building regular forms using code.

When using these forms, you can easily use your keyboard’s function keys, and use the right-click edit options you’re already using.

Its automated forms enable you to capture information on the web or a mobile device whether it’s online or offline. You increase the time you spend analyzing your data, examining workflows, and communicating with your crews.

Automated workflows and email

If you don’t know where your crews are, the lack of communication in the field can put them at risk. For example, incident reports have shown that some 80% to 90% of serious injuries and accidents have been attributed to human error.

Workflow automation is an easy way to streamline your paper-based and manual processes. Doing so reduces errors and prevents tasks on the job site from falling through the cracks. Emails with additional information also enable you to respond to specific site concerns. For example, if there’s a problem with an electrical outlet or light fixture being added in the wrong place, this can trigger a request in the workflow via an automated email.

Your crews are also able to manage their own work with little or no supervision. Work is completed efficiently. Communication across the job site is greatly improved via automated emails, even more so when reporting incidents surrounding job progress and site safety.

All of your field crews receive the latest, most accurate project data. Since error-free work should always be a top priority, your site crews are always kept in the loop.

Reduce report errors

Array enables you to reduce report errors from those out in the field. You can view submissions from your field crews no matter where they’re located. Information is filtered from any projects, forms, and maps, and you can add and view pages, text, high-resolution pictures, videos, and audio directly from the field that can detect errors to provide greater visibility. You’ll be able to view data in reports or have data go directly into your CRM, Google Docs, Google Calendar, or Evernote.

Improve mobile access

Array’s free mobile app lets you collect and view data even when you’re offline. You’re still able to collect data, take pictures, sign electronic documents, and submit forms on your Android or iOS device in real-time.

Comply with compliance inspections

As recurring completions of your construction checklists, inspections are always nerve-racking part of the job. You should think of inspections as compliance tasks with checklists.

But having a safety inspection completed and submitted in real-time can eliminate the risk of an unsafe working environment. You’re able to make sure all your SOPs are adhered to and checked regularly.

Array provides free construction safety inspection and equipment safety inspection checklist templates for you to use when compliance inspection time rolls around.

Ditch the paper and transform your field service jobs

It’s time to lose the overflowing bins of paper. Array lets you automate every area of your field service jobs and improve your crew communications, safety practices, compliance inspections, and reduce errors across your construction projects.

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