Mobile Data Collection App

While the idea of replacing paper and going entirely digital sounds overwhelming, more businesses are leaning in this direction. Paper will always be part of a construction team's worksite. However, collecting mobile data allows everyone on the construction team to reap the benefits. Not only do these apps allow teams to submit pictures, GPS locations, and signatures while they're on-the-go, but they can complete these tasks while they're offline. Communicating these changes as soon as they happen saves time and helps keep everyone safe. We’re going to talk about why your construction team may need a mobile collection app and why this move to digital could be beneficial long-term.

On-Demand Data Collection and Access

The field service industry is embracing mobile technology in revolutionary ways. Not only do these workers need convenience, but they have high expectations for efficiency as well. The main reason is that these individuals must have optimal experiences with their customers using these technologies. Otherwise, their reputation is at stake. Therefore, they're looking for a mobile data collection app that makes their job easier, more efficient, and delivers powerful results. This technology must also have full automation to save time and money, as well as reduce errors.

Mobile access

Mobile access is one of the most essential tools field service workers can have regarding data collection. Every team member can record critical data using a mobile device no matter where they are or what they're doing. Equipping team members with mobile access is more than handing them a smartphone, though. You'll need to think about the hardware that's right for your company.

Will your team benefit more from using notebooks, smartphones, tablets, or another handheld mobile device? Also think about how durable the hardware is for the field worker, as well as how often it will need replacement.

Your team will benefit from the kind of software you're using for mobile data collection. For example, mobile access that doesn't require a Wi-Fi connection is optimal. They'll also benefit from tools allowing them to create automated field service reports, book appointments, and send data. Select a mobile access app that has cloud software. That way, team members can work with offline forms, as well as other tools. Each of these integrations will save your team members time and eliminate the need for paper documentation.

Reporting tools

One of the biggest problems among field service workers, managers, and other stakeholders is communication and misunderstandings. There may not be a lot of knowledge about what management is doing, and insights about the daily happenings in the field may not be reported. These communications are critical to the progress of the project, especially when vital resources are necessary. That's where regular reporting through mobile access becomes beneficial to everyone on the team.

When everyone has the same data, they can act on it and understand what's happening with the project. Stakeholders feel more involved with projects and can communicate changes better. If things are going wrong, everyone can work together more efficiently. Mobile reporting allows the project to move along smoothly and prevents delays from occurring.

Form builder

As more people shuffle through documents, collect data, or complete data entry, these are opportunities for human errors to occur. According to a survey conducted by Smartsheet, 55% of workers stated they would like to see data collection have automation as a way of eliminating time wasted on these errors and manual data entries.

Mobile forms are an excellent tool for collecting and capturing data anywhere from anyone. Utilizing these forms allows field workers to use a mobile data collection app to create structured formats. In doing so, it's easier to analyze and review data, collaborate, and take action on the information.

Instead of depending on clipboards and pens, major construction companies can use these forms for quality inspections of their projects. There's no more time wasted going back to offices to input data that field workers collected. Sometimes these tasks would take up to two hours for team members to complete daily.

Instead, form building tools on mobile devices allows the team to enter data as the inspection occurs. No additional data entry requirements are necessary as collection happens. Its storage occurs in a structured format within the mobile app. Time is also saved as quality assurance managers can act upon this data immediately.

Create Field Automation

Field automation is possible with the tap of a finger. Mobile applications are bringing this to light for construction managers and their team members. Construction industries are no longer bogged down with time-consuming paper documentation. Instead, they see improvements with their workflows and efficiency. Mobile apps are helping them achieve this goal with automation. They can integrate their construction company's technology, as well as how they're collecting and using data.

Compliance inspection

Companies can use data collection apps to create compliance checklists and use them for generating reports. These reports are customizable based on inspection items and a variety of safety categories. You'll find that, when generating these reports, they're compliant with OSHA standards. Reports are auto-generated, and safety observations are automatically updated as data is collected.

Safe Work Environments

One of the highest priorities on any worksite should be safety. Using a mobile data collection app allows your team members to conduct safety meetings anywhere seamlessly. These apps allow for multiple users, as well as storage with an extensive capacity. It's also possible to date stamp, save meetings, record accidents, and incidents, and record disciplinary actions. You'll also find an assortment of safety topics in the mobile app for contractors to use during meetings.


Implementing mobile data collection apps in the field allows for efficiency, as well as the delivery of powerful results. Utilization of mobile access, reporting tools, and form builders helps streamline data collection. Creating field automation helps with compliance inspections, as well as the creation of a safe work environment.

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