Mobile 4-Point Inspection Forms: A Better Solution

It is fairly common for insurance companies to request that homeowners provide a completed 4-point inspection before they agree to provide coverage. Some states, like Florida, actually require it. This inspection helps the insurer understand the true liability they will take on if they choose to provide coverage. With a large number of these inspections being completed every single year, certified home inspectors need a better solution to assist in the inspection process and ensure efficiency and accuracy in their work.

What's the problem?

The current model is not the most effective option. Pen and paper inspection forms leave a lot of room for errors. The inspector has to fill out the paper form, take photos on a capable device, sign the final form, go back to the office, upload the photos, scan in the signed and completed form, organize all the final inspection data, compile it all into one multi-page pdf, and then deliver the copy back to the homeowner to be turned in to the insurance company. That is a lot of moving parts with room for failure.

Paper forms could be lost or damaged, parts of the inspection could be forgotten, photo files might become corrupted, emails could fail to be delivered, or any other number of problems could arise that lead to a need for a follow-up inspection. The last thing any inspector wants to do is take time out of their busy schedule to return to a property and complete the inspection again.

What if every one of those problems could be solved with a single solution?

Mobile Forms.

Imagine completing an entire inspection on your mobile device. Just fill out the form with a tablet or cell phone, hit submit, and then move on to the next inspection knowing the job was done efficiently and accurately the first time. No need to worry about files being lost, sending emails, or skipping important inspection steps. Mobile forms make inspections faster, easier, and more accurate.

What is the best mobile form application for 4-point inspections?

Array is the best mobile application for completing 4-point inspections. Its insanely powerful platform has every tool and feature inspectors need loaded into one single platform.

Integrated Photo Capture

Capture photos within the actual form and illustrate, annotate, or caption them for an extra layer of detail.

Cross-Device Functionality

Since Array is a web-based application, it works seamlessly across all platforms. Whether you work with iOS, Android, or a computer Array is ready to work for you.

Offline Capable

No internet? No Problem. Array will store all data locally and then upload as soon as the device reconnects.

Smart Security

With super secure cloud-based storage, multi-factor authentication, E-signatures, and full data encryption, Array makes sure both you and your customers data is protected.

Instant Document Creation

Just tap or click "submit" and your form will instantly generate the final inspection report PDF in the format and layout you choose.

Automated Workflows

Automate the process with Array's workflow function. Use email, text, or notification triggers, approve tasks, delegate jobs, deliver files, or more. The possibilities are endless. 

Curious how Array works? See for yourself:


That's just the tip of the iceberg.

Array isn't just for 4-point inspections. We have provided a ton of other forms forms designed for property inspectors no matter what your specialty is. Array is a powerful no-code tool for any business. Take a look at our pre-made form templates to see just how many industries are using Array to digitize their forms, automate their operations, and maximize their potential. Don't see the form you're looking for? Build it with Array's powerful form builder.

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