How to Collaborate Effectively if your Team is Remote

Remote collaboration has become increasingly popular in recent years as we enter into a post pandemic world. Various software to promote remote collaboration and both synchronous and asynchronous communication have become standard tools in schools and businesses around the country.

This has been a good thing for most industries, considering the increase in efficiency brought on by these new forms of communication. There have been numerous benefits, which is why many of the practices implemented during the height of the pandemic have found a home in a post pandemic world.

There is one benefit however, that is not often discussed.


One of the challenges faced by businesses is finding ways to make their services accessible to disabled or differently abled people. Because of policies like the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, business owners have a responsibility to make sure any person that wants their services can access them equally the way any other person could.

Remote collaboration has been huge in promoting this. New software platforms have made it easier than ever to communicate and collaborate with people with disabilities. A deaf individual can now use a combination of video and text chat to engage with a business without the use of an interpreter. A blind person can be guided through an inspection with audio. Someone who is wheelchair bound and cannot leave the house to make it to an office can communicate directly with the office from their home.

And it is all made possible with remote virtual collaboration tools.

As a business owner, you have to be conscious of how you are adapting your business practices to be accessible to any customer who seeks your services. This means you need to choose the right virtual collaboration platform to help you communicate with any potential customers, regardless of ability.

Formview, powered by Array

Formview is the first and only live video, form collaboration tool. You can complete fully custom forms to collect customer data, complete inspections, or fill out applications, all while taking part in a high-definition video call.

Unlike other remote virtual collaboration tools, Formview doesn’t just allow you to communicate over video and text chat, but it allows both users to complete a form in real-time from anywhere in the world. All the call data gets stored on a secure cloud server, and the platform integrates with countless other existing software platforms you might be using.

You can build a fully custom form, schedule your video call with your customer, complete the form collaboratively, and then send the data wherever you need it to go or even automatically generate a finalized pdf document. It is the smartest remote virtual collaboration tool, with more features and functionality than its competitors.

When it comes to accessibility, it is these features that dictate your ability to serve your disabled customers. Formview is Section 508 compliant, so you can trust that it meets every standards needed to create accessibility in your remote dealings with customers.

Book a demo with one of our experts today to learn more about how Formview can create accessible practices in remote communication and collaboration today.