Many companies face the quandary of employing a specialist field marketing agency or building their own team.

There are pros and cons to both, but we are not here to discuss that because whether you have an in-house team or are an agency, Array’s bespoke field marketing software is the first place you should go for intelligent software that will put your campaigns to the fore.

But why I hear you ask?

Well, in order to make a field marketing campaign a success there are a number of functions that be set out prior to the campaign.

For example, a field marketing function creates a vision, along with setting objectives and develops strategies and execution within this framework to enable the sales team to meet or exceed their KPI’s.

An understanding of your target audience is a vital component of this and location planning also takes a precedence as time in transit is time lost.

A successful campaign directly correlates to revenue, so the importance cannot be taken for granted, market understanding is key so getting it right can have a big impact across the whole business.

This is where having the right tools for the job also makes a difference between success and failure.

Sending your team out without the ability to communicate, adapt, work quickly, and submit data immediately can put your campaign so far behind it is almost deemed irrelevant before it has been relevant.

Our field marketing software capabilities enable your teams to work productively online and offline with custom forms that can be filled out on any device and immediately sent to base in which custom reports can be generated live as the campaign progresses.

This gives everyone a chance to see what is working, what is not and adapt accordingly to ensure everyone is on the same page and eager to make the most from the campaign.

Our Array Field Marketing allows you to adapt your business processes in order to collect, analyze and work flexibly with our all in one place software.

Always give your teams everything they need for the job and leave nothing to chance.

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