Powerful Field Marketing Software by Array

By using mobile forms and intelligent reporting, Array’s field marketing app helps field marketing businesses achieve the best results through depth, accuracy, and speed of data. Don't just work for your data. Let your data work for you.

The only tool Field Marketing teams need

Array is a single tool loaded with every feature a field marketing team could want. Collect data using intelligent mobile forms, instantly track and analyze that data in real time, easily deliver final comprehensive reports, and easily manage your team in the field while working from the office. All on one comprehensive field data collection software platform. 

Array turns data into power

Track your teams' field marketing campaigns with confidence by utilizing Array's powerful mobile forms and real-time reporting to build a transparent picture of your campaign. Keep your teams on track and your clients fully informed by seeing the data as it is being collected.

  • View real-time submitted data on graphs, pie-charts, & maps
  • Give client-only access to reports displaying real-time submission data
  • Manage field teams by getting staff to check in onsite

Get started right away with our ready-to-deploy field marketing forms

Array already has industry-specific forms made to fill your needs. Don't see the form you need? Design it yourself with Array's form-building platform.

Field Marketing Campaign Software that works for you

Array's field marketing forms are more than just a place to input data as you collect it. Our form builder is easy to use, intuitive, and incredibly powerful. Any member of your team can build a fully custom form to serve any purpose and embed it with intelligent tools that provide a greater level of depth, accuracy, and speed of data.

  • Use conditional logic to automate make filling out forms more efficient and effective
  • Utilize GPS on form data to track submission locations
  • Fully mobile field marketing forms support your field team by streamlining submissions
  • Capture and Annotate photos and video to provide even more detail

Digital paperwork puts the data in the palm of your hand

Pen and paper forms are inefficient, costly, and wasteful. Remove the need for redundant data entry by digitizing and automating the field data collection process. Have all the data you need in the format you need it as soon as your team in the field collects it.

  • Keep all your field marketing data secure on a single encrypted cloud-based server
  • Share your information internally or externally with user permissions and multi-factor authentication
  • Automatically convert form data into insightful reporting metrics or finalized deliverable documents
  • Complete forms online or offline with any mobile device

Let Array do the busy work so you don't have to

Stop worrying about administrative busywork by automating tasks and workflows with logic functions and task management.

  • Automatically create and assign tasks with built-in logic
  • Oversee and approve decisions without having to leave the office
  • Integrate Array into your Google Calendar, Excel, Evernote, Hubspot, Existing CRM, or over 3000 other applications

Connect the office staff to the field team

Ensure your field marketing teams never miss a detail or stray off task with custom reporting dashboards and task management tools.

  • Receive data analytics in real-time so that you and your customers are always informed
  • Automatically assign tasks to specific field employees based on location or specialty
  • Use GPS to track form submissions and log employee locations so you know when they are on-site
  • Keep the office and the field team connected, informed, and on the same page at all times

Turn paperwork into a mobile app

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