Over the years the way field marketing is conducted has changed dramatically.

From filling out troublesome paper forms to identifying key locations via in-depth analysis one thing has never changed.

The need to conduct professional, useful and insightful campaigns.

This is where Array have been changing the game for clients up and down the country but how have they been doing it?

We highlight five key areas that make Array the number one go-to software package for field marketing campaigns.

Offline capabilities

One key issue in the digital world is signal.

Carry out field marketing campaigns in locations with a poor signal can often end the ability to use multiple software platforms but Array’s offline ability means you can continue to submit data into the Array app no matter where you are meaning no opportunity ever has to be missed.

Flexible movement

If you are in charge of a campaign you can track team members and performance on the go.

If an area is not working out as well as you had hoped, you can assign a new location to a team complete with a map there and then.

Custom Forms

Use readymade templated forms or create your own with bespoke drag and drop form builder.

Array also allows you to edit on the go so you can add additional questions and react immediately in the field.

Analyze previous campaigns with call files

Array enables you to easily pull in call files from previous campaigns to get a deeper understanding of a previous campaign and analyze the results to make a smarter decision on future campaigns.

Custom reports

Information is key and Array detailed reports enable you to analyze a campaign's performance as it is ongoing and make decisions based on data collected.

This also enables you to gauge return on investment and futureproof campaigns.

To find out more about Array’s field marketing capabilities, visit https://www.buildarray.com/industries/field-marketing

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