Canvassing is an integral part of most startup organizations' sales strategies. This sales technique can be done over the phone or in person, and it typically involves making contact with prospective customers for the first time.

One of the most commonly seen canvassing techniques is often demonstrated by local businesses, who will target neighborhoods to distribute promotional materials. Another common canvassing technique is face-to-face canvassing, this technique is predominately used by politicians and activists for exposure and fundraising. Regardless of your type of startup and what type of canvassing you want to implement, it’s activities and goals can be enhanced with the use of Array.

We are going to use these two typical examples to show how Array can help your startup fulfill it’s potential when you are canvassing.

Take the first example, a new local business. With the offline Array app, you will be able to gather data on location while you are canvassing. This data can be used for determining which areas are most responsive to your campaigns, or even what areas you have already canvassed - so when your next employee comes along they will be able to pick up where the last person left off. Our Zen Desk integration may also be useful to determine, identify and track potential future sale leads.

Our second example is the use of canvassing while campaigning for either a new startup charity or political organization. With Array you can enhance the effectiveness of your canvassing campaign by using the Array app to take donations, record feedback, mark canvassed territory and even use it to take polls. With our Mailchimp integration, you will also be able to feed the information you have gathered into Mailchimp - meaning that you will be able to easily send bulk mailouts to your new supporters.

So next time you are planning on running a canvassing campaign for your startup, increase your productivity with Array.

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