We know that if you are a small business, selling your product at a big competitive event and taking online mobile payments can be a daunting prospect - especially if you are competing against established brands with standardized processes. At Array we always aim to simplify your work processes, and the same can be said for our mobile payments solution in Array forms.

"Start taking mobile payments today"

Using Array for mobile payments at your next event will even the playing field between you and the big boys. You will be able to; take your customers information, receive payment for customizable product options, send out confirmation emails and receipts, and subscribe your customer to future mailouts - all within one Array form on your portable device.

Taking payments in forms is made possible by our Stripe Payments integration that can be found in the Array Marketplace. This gives you the peace of mind that your money is being handled by one of the industries most trusted mobile payment providers.

How Can I Add Payments Into My Form For My Next Event?

With the Array form builder, you can easily add a payment option (with our drag and drop interface) into your form. Your form can then embedded on your website, opened up on your portable device or sent as a link to your customer.

Array’s payment integration also gives you the choice of:

  • Multiple currencies to accept payment
  • The option to add a transaction fee
  • An option to add a fixed or variable charge
  • A safe, secure, reliable payment processing system (PCI DSS)
  • Payments and transactions that appear in Array reports

Analyze Your Payments in Array Reports

How you view your payment transactions and trends in your reports is up to you. Along with all of your other captured data, you'll be able to view transactions when you are on the go... at the end of the event or campaign.

"View your payments anytime, anywhere"

The Array revenue report feature becomes especially useful when tracking your busiest trading periods. You can then use this information to gain insights on your events, to plan or schedule certain product or service listings throughout your event calendar.

Come and Check It Out!

You can rest assured that our mobile payment system means that you can sit back and let Array make one of the most stressful elements at events autonomous and stress-free.

App integrations such as Stripe Payment are only available to Array Standard or Pro customers. Click here to learn more about the many benefits of upgrading your account!

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