Zapier integrations make Array’s tools even more powerful

Array’s suite of powerful productivity and form building tools are designed to make your operations simpler. To save you time and money so that you can focus your efforts where they’re most valuable to your organization. But Array is only one platform. And your day-to-day operations might involve dozens of other apps and tools.

What if there was a way to connect Array with over 3,000 different applications? To create a whole range of automations to connect your customers, teams and managers. And what if you could do all that with one single integration?

You can. Thanks to Array’s Zapier integration.


Array and Zapier

We’re always looking to help you work more efficiently. Which is why we’ve integrated with Zapier’s leading automation software to give you more ways to automate your forms, your tasks and your workflows. Zapier works by creating automations for thousands of apps in just moments, saving you huge amounts of time and effort.

Use Zapier to see what’s happening instantly, track any data points, and seamlessly connect to your customers and your teams in the field. Anything you need to do through Array’s tools, you can automate with a Zap.


What Do You Need to Get Started?

All you need to do is sign up for an Array account, and create a Zapier account. Linking them together is simple, and gives you instant access to Zapier automations for any forms, workflows or tasks that you create using Array.

There’s no development time required, and no technical knowledge needed. Simply connect your Zapier account to our no-code platform, and Array will handle the rest.


What Can You Do With Array and Zapier?

Array uses Zapier to integrate with thousands of applications, from CRM systems to email providers, to marketing platforms like Hubspot. Automations can be triggered by almost any interaction with Array, for example when a form is submitted or updated.

When this happens, Zapier automatically creates a notification, updates a Google or Excel sheet with new information, adds a contact to your CRM, or updates the status of a project in your task management system.

You can connect your workflows with thousands of external platforms, websites and applications, keeping everything seamlessly connected for a smoother workflow.


Get Started with Zapier Templates

We’ve made it easier for you to integrate Zapier and Array with a range of customizable templates for some of our most popular automations. Once a form is submitted or updated you can:

Send an email via Gmail

Generate a Podio task

Create a Google Calendar event

Add a new row to a Google spreadsheet

Send custom Slack Channel messages

Send an SMS via Twilio

Create a new Intercom user

Create a Salesforce record

And much, much more.


Getting started is simple. Just start your 30 day free trial of Array today, and connect it to your Zapier account to reduce your workloads with powerful automations.