Risk Management Done Right 

When it comes to risk management for businesses in any industry, there is a power struggle between staying compliant, but also being efficient and effective in all that you do. On one hand, you want to do everything you can to improve your processes, speed up your workflow, and do the most amount of work in the least amount of time. On the other, you need to maintain compliance with local, state, and federal safety standards.

Balancing these things aren’t easy. Oftentimes, the red tape involved with maintaining fully compliant operations slows things down, preventing you from being as efficient as you could be otherwise. Most of the time, it is the process of inspecting equipment, facilities, or operations and then creating reports on those inspections that take up the most time.

There are two ways this process could be slowing you down. Either you are a larger organization and you have your own risk management officials who make sure the rest of your organization is maintaining compliance, or you are a smaller organization who has to go through inspections from 3rd parties.

Either way, the process of ensuring you maintain compliance so that you can be efficient and effective stays the same. Despite what many people believe, you can actually have all three. All you have to do is adjust part of the way you work.

How to be efficient, effective, and compliant - all at once

Don’t let the need for compliance hinder your ability to be efficient and have the most effective operations. Instead, make your processes more efficient and effective to ensure ongoing compliance. In other words, create efficient and effective compliance practices.

Let’s break down what we mean by that.

Say you’re the smaller organization in the above example. You operate like normal on a daily basis, but every month, quarter, or year you have to be inspected and audited by a 3rd party to ensure that you are meeting with compliance standards. If they find any issues, they are going to report them to you and you will have a set number of time to fix the issues before they reinspect.

Not only does this inspection and report take time, but preparing for the inspection probably took a significant amount of time and decreased your productivity too. Obviously, this is not the best way to make sure you are ready for these compliance checks when they happen.

How are you making sure that you are up to date on your equipments and procedures? Do you keep paper checklists, trust your management team to make sure everything is as it should be, or just hope and pray for the best? What if there was a better way?

If you want your compliance audits to go as smoothly as possible without worrying about them, then you need to stay on top of checking your equipment and your operations processes and procedures. This means actually developing a process for compliance checks that is used on a regular basis.

I know what you’re thinking: “If I increase the amount of time spent checking for compliance, then my efficiency and effectiveness are going to decrease, right?”

Not exactly. There is a more effective way to stay on top of weekly or even daily compliance checks that can provide you deeper insight than ever before, and do not impact your current level of efficiency.

Digital paperwork. By switching to a mobile form, your employees can quickly do an inspection or audit from their cell phones, ensure things are compliant, and then automate the delivery of the information. No issues? No problem. Data gets stored and you get an additional record for safe keeping. Did they find a problem? Emails, text messages, and notifications can instantly be sent out to the correct people who can do something about it.

This isn’t just a process you can use for internal compliance checks. It is a tool you can use across your business to improve the process of nearly everything you do. Paperwork is a part of daily life, but by digitizing and mobilizing it, you reduce administrative workload, reduce lost information, and reduce time spent on menial tasks.

Overall, you increase not only your ability to stay complaint, but your efficiency and your efficacy.

That’s the power of Array. Turning paperwork into mobile apps, streamlining processes, increasing reporting power, and managing tasks is at the center of what we do. With our tools, you can take your processes, make them more efficient and effective, and increase your compliance along the way. It’s easy to start, easy to deploy, and easy to grow.

Not just for small organizations

We love working with the little guy. But what we love more is helping the little guy get bigger, and bigger, and bigger until they aren’t the little guy anymore. You built your business with the goal of growth in mind, so we built Array to be able to not only scale with you, but give you the tools needed to scale.

The bigger a business gets, the harder it is for their risk management teams to maintain compliance while also ensuring operational efficiency. Thats just a fact. But, when you go digital with your paperwork, staying compliant, efficient, and effective becomes fairly simple.

It is all about the process. From small businesses with a handful of employees, to major corporations like Massmart in South Africa operating with 10,000 employees in 13 countries, Array helps set the same process. A process that works.

Don’t sacrifice compliance for the sake of efficient and effective operations.

Don’t sacrifice efficient and effective operations for the sake of compliance.

You can have it all. With an extensive form template library, the chances are high we already have what you need, and if we don’t, you can build it yourself with our easy to use drag and drop form builder. 

Try Array for free today and see how.