Never Stop, Never Settle - Why Innovation is Key

We’ve made some changes to our website. Of course we have. We make a lot of changes here at Array.

This change is all about change - a new design that lets us announce new functions as we develop and implement them.

Sure, the previous content was fine. It did the job. It was good enough. But it could have been better. And we firmly believe that if something can be better, it should be better. That’s why we’re constantly innovating, adding new features and functionality to our tools. That’s why Array is more than “just” a simple, intuitive form builder.

Because if you want to succeed, innovation is key.

Innovate Because Times Change

If there’s a year when we don’t have to remind you that times can change quickly, it’s 2020. If you’d have told us this time last year there’d be people wearing surgical masks to go shopping, half the world had to stay indoors, and getting on a flight would involve a temperature check - it would’ve been pretty unbelievable. Yet here we are.

And times always change. Go back 100 years, and New Yorkers would be complaining about all the horse manure in the streets. Now they’re more likely to complain about rush hour traffic. We can’t always see the next big change - whether it’s cars or the coronavirus.

But having a culture of innovation means you can act quickly when times change on a dime. The pandemic happened, we found ways of using Array to keep stores and shoppers safe . It’s all about being open to new ways of thinking.

Innovate Because Technologies Change

Never mind going back a hundred years to see the difference cars have made. Go back 30 years, and tell people there you’ve got a device that fits in your palm that lets you access any information, contact anyone anywhere, and share pictures of your lunch with people you’ve not seen in person since high school.

They’d think it was something off Star Trek, yet your smart cellphone is as commonplace as technology gets.

That’s because technology’s moving so fast that something as magical as being able to access Wikipedia anywhere in the world is something expected.

That’s why Array innovates. As technology improves, so do we, adding more functionality that makes use of the latest developments. Instant updates from field workers all over the country will soon be the standard. And we want to keep setting that standard.

Innovate Because People Don’t Change

The final reason we innovate is because people don’t change. Sure, that man in 1920 couldn’t predict the electric car, and that woman in 1990 didn’t know 5G would be a thing, but they both knew they wanted something better. Better than a horse. Better than a clunky carphone. They wanted new, exciting products. They wanted an easier way to do things.

People still want that today. You want Array to do new, exciting things. Your customers want you to offer new, exciting things. And you want life to be easier.

By continuing to innovate, we keep you happy. If you take a leaf out of our book and innovate yourself, you’ll keep your customers happy too.

Don’t Settle for Inefficient Processes

Innovation isn’t just about your products. It’s about your processes too. If you stop looking for better ways to work and settle for the way it’s always been done, you’ll soon fall behind the competition. Don’t settle. Innovate. Start by finding one task that can be done quicker with Array, and we’ll let you trial our products for free.

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