Partnerstack’s platform makes it a breeze to work with Array

At Array, we believe in what we’re doing. Creating a no-code platform that helps you improve productivity, workflows and data collection across all your business operations. Internal. In the field. And customer-facing. All with minimal time and effort. 

It’s a cause that’s easy to believe in. Our customers certainly love using our tools. Some of them love Array’s tools so much that they partner with us to refer us on to their customers.

It’s a win-win relationship. And it’s a relationship that’s suddenly become much, much simpler thanks to our friends at Partnerstack.


How to partner with Array

Using Array makes it easier to manage a whole host of your business’ day to day tasks, freeing you to focus on growing your business, reaching new customer bases and developing new revenue streams.

And now, you can add a major new revenue stream to your business by partnering with Array. By becoming a Channel Partner or an Affiliate, you’ll join our low-code revolution and help your customers improve their productivity, workflows and data collection too.


Channel Partnerships

By partnering with Array as a Channel Partner, you’ll add a monthly recurring revenue stream to your business, offering a full data collection and automation tool to your clients. You’ll receive dedicated support, commissions and discounts on Array products, along with a business listing in our partnership directory. Apply to be a Channel Partner. 


Affiliate Partnerships

If you don’t have the bandwidth to actively resell Array, then an Affiliate Partnership is a simple way to generate more revenue. Promote Array through affiliate links on your website, email marketing or social channels, and we’ll pay you up to $500 for every new paid customer you send our way. It’s that simple. And it gets even simpler, thanks to Partnerstack. Apply to be an Affiliate Partner


How Partnerstack makes our partnership programs easier

We know that partnering with Array can be a great opportunity for you, but that you might - understandably - be wondering how much work is involved.

That’s where Partnerstack comes in. Partnerstack helps you simply and easily resell and refer Array’s software, with a range of resources, tools and support that makes it a breeze for you to access the marketing assets, knowledge and information you need to successfully sell Array on to your customers.

And because Partnerstack lets us automate payouts, you’ll never be kept waiting for that additional revenue to arrive - all thanks to a single monthly payment that you can rely on. 


Ready to partner with Array? Meet Dave

While all this automation and support sounds useful, you might wonder where the personal touch is. After all, nobody really wants to partner with an automated system.

That’s where Dave comes in.

Dave Saunders is our Head of Partnerships, and he’ll be your first point of contact as an Array partner. He’ll answer all of your questions, point you in the right direction when you need support, and make sure that you get the most out of not just Array, but out of our Partnerstack platform too.

If you’d like to speak with Dave about becoming an Array partner, all you need to do is click on this link right here:

Become an Array Partner