Use Array for FREE With Array Start

What could be better than streamlining your workflows, simplifying your data collection and analysis, and saving hours of time every single day thanks to Array’s powerful suite of productivity tools?

How about streamlining your workflows, simplifying your data collection and saving hours of time every single day for FREE?

With Array Start, you can say goodbye to paperwork and hello to a simple, intuitive app without spending a cent. 

Isn’t it time you gave Array a try?

What’s Included with Array Start?

Array Start is so much more than just a free trial. It’s everything you need to start making use of Array’s suite of tools for your business. Array Start includes licenses for up to four users, and the capacity for up to three unique forms receiving up to 100 submissions per month - along with 50MB of data storage. 

But Array Start offers more than access to our advanced form builder technology. You’ll also be able to use:

  • Form logic and calculations
  • Secure document sending
  • Integrated email
  • Online and offline form submissions
  • A range of time-saving integrations
  • E-signatures
  • File uploads
  • Multipage forms

That’s everything you need to get a real feel for how Array can benefit your business. And with no time limitations, you’ll only need to upgrade to one of our paid-for packages if you need higher capacity to receive more submissions, or you want to add more users or storage.

Who is Array Start For?

Array Start has been designed for any organization that’s thinking about making the move to digital forms using Array, but wants to make sure our tools are the right fit for their day-to-day business needs. And with four users supported, you can give all key decision makers access to your Array account.

What’s more, Array Start is perfect for growing businesses. As a start-up, you may not have any idea which of Array’s tools you’ll need. Start lets you test Array in real world applications - and gives you enough capacity to use it day-to-day until you’re ready to scale up to one of our paid-for subscriptions.

Array’s used across multiple sectors, including Hospitality, Oil & Gas, and Transportation & Logistics. So whichever industry you’re in, now’s the time to see just how Array can help you work smarter. 

Then, once you’re ready to unlock the full potential of Array, you can seamlessly upgrade to one of our paid plans.


Moving Beyond Start?

When it’s time to upgrade, you can choose from one of three paid plans, each of which comes with an additional 14 day free trial to make sure you’ve made the right choice.

From just $50/mo, Essential offers all of Array’s core features for up to 1,000 submissions per month with 2GB of data storage.

Pro includes premium support and guided account set-up for ten team members at $300/mo, and includes 50GB of data storage while supporting 5,000 form submissions.

And if you require a tailored package, our custom built Enterprise packages are entirely bespoke, giving you all of the functionality you need along with expert support.

But before you worry about spending a single cent, you can try Array for free, for as long as you’d like, with Array Start. 

It’s time to move to a smarter way of working.

Try Array Start today.