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Array’s suite of brandable tools and checklists make managing your Travel & Tourism processes simple

The customer experience toolkit

In hospitality, it’s all about that smooth, seamless customer experience. Travel and tourism businesses need tools that make life easier for your workforce without impacting customer experience. Array offers those tools.

Protect everyone during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Array can be used to keep your patrons and premises COVID-19 safe, with simple, effective screening and tracking functionality.

  • Integrates with thermometers for symptom checking
  • Integrates with cameras to check for masks
  • Simply, securely stores track-and-trace data
  • Customizable symptom checklists screen patrons

Save time and automate any sector of your business operations with form templates that work for you

Get up and running today with Array's digital online forms ready to go for the hospitality industry

Track and assign tasks with automated workflows

Reduce your administrative workload by automating tasks and workflows using simple, powerful logic functions.

  • In-built logic to automatically create and assign tasks
  • Automated email, SMS & message triggers
  • Remote overviews and approvals
  • Secure file delivery

Find out what customers really think

Using Array’s form builder tool, you can create custom satisfaction surveys that are automatically distributed to your patrons to give you genuine, honest insight.

  • Create branded customer satisfaction forms
  • Automatically request feedback via email or SMS
  • Collect form data into simple, accurate reports
  • Request video or picture evidence of any issues

Keep track of any incidents in real time, from any location

By using Array to manage incident reports, you’ll receive instant data from any of your locations or premises, keeping you fully informed of any issues and problems.

  • Create a custom incident report form
  • Automatically collect incident data as it’s received
  • Use logic to trigger automatic responses and tasks
  • Allow staff to access incident reports from any device

Plan and manage events in seconds

Array lets you create, plan and manage events at any of your hospitality locations, thanks to a range of simple, powerful integrations.

  • Fully customizable sign-up forms
  • Full integration with calendars
  • Take bookings direct from your forms
  • Instantly collect attendee or interest data

Smart Visitor Management for check-ins, check-outs and enrollments

You can simply customize Array for use as Smart Visitor Management software, handling everything from enrollments to instant automated check-ins and check-outs.

  • Fully customizable enrollment forms
  • Trigger notifications when a guest checks in or out
  • Create simple check-out checklists to improve customer experience
  • Securely collect customer check-in data

Turn paperwork into a mobile app

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