Every Booking, All in One Place

Who says every meeting, every reservation, every bed needs its own management system? With Array, you can handle all of your bookings direct from our platform.

Easy booking for any purpose

Array makes bookings for the hospitality and travel industries easier than ever for you and your guests. But this isn’t just a travel app. Because Array can be used by any industry to handle data capture and analysis, you can also add a booking feature to arrange meetings, inspections and more.

Integrate Array with all your booking tools

Switching to Array doesn’t mean getting rid of the tools and software you already use. Our platform automatically and securely integrates with other productivity software, calendars and apps to share data without the need for tedious data entry.

Track your bookings, manage your guests

Array doesn’t just let clients book a room, a table or an appointment. Track bookings directly through the Array platform, and use our range of productivity tools to automate reminders, booking confirmations and more. Whatever you need to do, Array will help you do it.

View form building features for your booking forms

Turn paperwork into a mobile app

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