Food and Beverage Industry

Upgrade to a platform that improves your supply chain operations and assures you quality assurance

  • Make sure your organizations standards and compliance procedures are always being followed with automated workflows that track your employees responses
  • Track inventory levels and stay well informed on the current status of your companies inventory all from your dashboard
  • Ensure the quality of your products never declines with an easy-to-build quality control checklist that can be sent out to all your buyers out in the field

Monitor and predict your industry trends with purchasing tracking to create the best plan of attack for your business

Array's purchasing tracking software can record any item sold or purchase made in any of your locations the moment it occurs. Use smart workflows to receive SMS text messages or emails when inventory gets low or any sales are made to always stay on top of your operations.

  • Real-time analytics dashboard that can be customized to fit any area of your food and beverage operations
  • Remove the guesswork and fine-tune your forecasting with forms that collect data for you
  • Track levels of your inventory at all times with cloud-based software and never let low stock be the reason for a lost sale

Use our food and beverage templates to see just how easy it is to integrate forms into your business

Get up and running today with our ready to go digital online forms

Achieve and maintain a high quality of all the business products with employee checklist that can be sent daily or weekly depending on your company preference.

Don't let the first experience a customer has with your company be their last because of old and outdated inventory. Monitor your product dates of all your locations to remove any outdated products and ensure no one ever has a bad first experience with your business. 

Ditch all the paperwork that comes with the F&B industry and use a platform that saves you time and money

Quickly and easily dispatch 100's or even 1000's of forms all with one simple software. Remove the need to file and classify all your valuable paperwork with software that manages all those massive tasks for you without any paperwork involved. Save time and money for much more important projects for your company. 

Manage every aspect of your F&B operations with an easy-to-use low-code platform that can obtain crucial information from your customers

Use Array to better understand your target market with forms that can be easily deployed to customers in all your locations. Use one of our templates or create and dispatch product feedback forms as well as customer complaint forms to understand how to create the best offering for your desired target customer. 

Benefits to your team by using Array

Improve on audit and compliance
Gain access to accurate data sooner
Lower operations and admin costs
Save field worker hours
Improve comms & accuracy
Integrations Support

Arrays integrations give you the ability to integrate the data your team collects into apps like Evernote or Zapier. Erase the need to jump from place to place just to complete a simple task or share a project with your team with over 25 integrations offered.

Reduce Cost

Filing is a thing of the past with an Array platform that saves you money by reducing any need for paper in your business. Keep track of any wasted inventory or overstocks and save money on labor with cost-reducing measures powered by Array. 

Improve Interaction

Improve the interaction between not only your employees but your customers as well with forms that can collect information from places you thought you never could. Create multiple forms designed for your customers for varying scenarios to collect the information you need to understand them better. 

Ensure Compliance

Keep up with all the compliance regulations in your industry with a platform that does all the hard work for you. Easily create compliance templates to send out daily to your employees and receive SMS text messages or emails if any compliance report is failed.

Offline Access Via App

Our IOS or Android app gives you and your team the ability to continue collecting information even when service isn't available. Never again let a task be cut short because of service problems with a platform that works with you no matter where you are. Any data collected by your employees will be automatically uploaded once service is obtained.

Quality Control

Quality should always be a top priority with your F&B operations, so make it so with daily quality and standards checks performed and recorded into Array. Observe any changes in product quality and act quickly and confidently before it affects your business's bottom line.

Custom Analytics Dashboard

Let us at Array build you a custom analytics dashboard that lets you use the information you collect to build pie charts, line graphs, employee sales charts, and much more. Your analytics give you a much clearer picture of your business's operations with data that speaks to you. 

Traceability Software

Recalls happen so make it easy with our traceability software that tracks and manages any product recall whether the item is still in inventory or on the shelves. Dispatch custom recall forms to your employees out in the field to record the recall data and maintain the vital information related to processing recalls.

Inventory Level Control

Use our easy-to-use form and workflow software to automate restock requests or audit your inventory at all of your companies locations. Real-time inventory tracking empowers you and your employees to have full control over your F&B operations. 

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