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Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection Form

The Florida wind mitigation form (also known as the OIR-B1-1802 Form)  is used in the state of Florida for Wind Mitigation Inspections necessary to receive homeowners insurance. Using Array's digital mobile form makes this inspection easy and efficient, removing the frustration inspectors previously felt completing the standardized form by hand or in a fillable PDF format. Upon completion of this mobile form, a finalized PDF of the full report in the standard format is automatically generated and ready to deliver to the property owner.



Integrated Media Capture: Take photos directly on the mobile form and then annotate, illustrate, or caption them for a deeper level of detail. Everything will be formatted into the final PDF output

Fully Mobile: Complete the form on any iOS or Android mobile device, but have a deliverable PDF output in the proper standardized format.

Convertible Tables: Tables in the mobile form are incredibly simple to complete, but they convert to properly formatted tables on the final PDF Document

Secure E-Signature: Securely sign the mobile form on your tablet or cell phone with an accurate date and time stamp. This signature will transfer over into the finalized PDF Document that generates when the form is submitted.

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