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Proof of Loss

This official FEMA certified form documents the proof of a loss after a flood. The most powerful feature of this form is its ability to complete functions within the form itself. Just input your needed values, and Array’s intelligent form functions will do the math for you. Upon submission, this form can automatically be converted into the finalized, standardized PDF document required by FEMA to show proof of loss.


Fully Mobile: Array’s forms are optimized for use on any device. Complete the form on your computer or use any iOS or Android mobile device.

Offline Capable: No internet connection? No problem. Array’s forms can be completed entirely offline. Once connection is resumed, they will automatically upload into the secure cloud server.

Conditional Logic: Utilize conditional logic to make certain fields visible only if relevant based on previous input or go more in depth and to create even more robust form automation workflows.

Document Generation: Automatically convert form data into fully finalized PDF documents – have your final report completed in minutes.

Date Capture: Collect valuable date and time information by choosing from three pre-programed fields, either date, time, or a combined date and time field to collect all of the information you require.

Pages: Streamline your forms, simplify your structure and improve completion rates by using intuitive pagination thanks to Form Builder’s simple-to-use pages function.

Secure E-Signature: Securely sign the mobile form on your tablet or cell phone with an accurate date and time stamp. Integrate with HelloSign for even more secure e-signature capture.

Functions: Powerful functions perform the calculations you need to produce accurate, instant data every time a form is completed. Whether it’s totals or percentages, Array instantly calculates and checks the values. No math required.

File Uploads: Upload your own files to provide important information, or prompt Array users to upload the documentation you need to complete a task or ensure full compliance. Array supports a whole range of file formats and storage apps.

Take a look at how Array powers the processes used by insurance adjusters across the US every day.


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