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Sanitizing Food Contact Surfaces SOP Checklist

This basic SOP checklist form is fully customizable to your kitchens specific needs, and is used to ensure proper sanitation of all food contact surfaces. Use this form as a basis for your own checklist, and then change it as needed. Add conditional logic, PDF document merging, or cross-form automation to make the most advanced food safety form possible.


Fully Mobile: Array’s forms are optimized for use on any device. Complete the form on your computer or use any iOS or Android mobile device.

Offline Capable: No internet connection? No problem. Array’s forms can be completed entirely offline. Once connection is resumed, they will automatically upload into the secure cloud server.

Conditional Logic: Utilize conditional logic to make certain fields visible only if relevant based on previous input or go more in depth and to create even more robust form automation workflows.

Document Generation: Automatically convert form data into fully finalized PDF documents – have your final report completed in minutes.

Secure E-Signature: Securely sign the mobile form on your tablet or cell phone with an accurate date and time stamp. Integrate with HelloSign for even more secure e-signature capture.

Date Capture: Collect valuable date and time information by choosing from three pre-programed fields, either date, time, or a combined date and time field to collect all of the information you require.

GPS Data: Collect location data on your forms to confirm where a form was completed or to set where a job will take place – anywhere in the world.

QR Code: Capture data from QR codes by allowing form users to instantly scan codes using their phone or tablet, without ever leaving the app.

Barcode: Let users scan barcodes using their device and collect the information right in the form. Array uses their phone or tablet’s camera to instantly capture barcode information and product codes, ensuring complete accuracy.

Array has an entire suite of products built for the food and beverage industry. To learn more, click here.


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