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Integrate Array with Quickbooks and Automate your Workflows

Your Array forms can be connected to Quickbooks via Zapier.

Capture Customer Data

Quickly collect your customer’s information by building forms for e-commerce, invoicing, and billing.

Create Customers, Products, and Vendors

Automatically input form data about new customers, products, and vendors into QuickBooks

Update Quickbooks via Updated Forms

No need to do that same task twice. When you update your form entries in Array that information automatically updates in QuickBooks.

Create Invoices

Instantly generate forms into QuickBook invoices

Generate Payment Receipts

Automatically create personalized payment receipts and confirmation files with captured data from your forms and Quickbooks

Have a read of our support doc on Zapier or get started with our Zapier integration.

Prebuilt Zapier Templates to Start Using Now: