An End to Endless Downloads

Why make your clients download, print, fill and scan endless PDF forms? You don’t have to. Array Pages lets you embed everything they need directly into your website.

Fully interactive. Fully embedded.

Pages lets you add Array functionality into your company website. Instantly and securely collect data, information and client details with no customer downloads required.

  • Simply embed Array forms into your website
  • Replace downloadable PDF forms
  • Instantly collect and collate data

Your Array. Your Brand.

Pages isn’t an embedded advert for Array. Intuitive branding options mean that Pages fits seamlessly into your existing website, complementing your brand.

  • Add company logos
  • Set color schemes, layouts and images
  • No intrusive Array branding

Collect data. Integrate information.

Pages doesn’t just let you collect information. It lets you Integrate the stored data to make task setting and customer management simpler and easier.

  • Fully searchable forms and responses
  • Organize your forms into lists
  • Securely store collected information

Turn paperwork into a mobile app

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