Field surveying experts must use a high level of attention to detail and professionalism when measuring and representing a building or land. It's possible to minimize errors and inaccuracies by following some basic guidelines which will result in higher quality results.

All stages of the construction process utilize field surveying. No matter if you're in the pre-construction phase, making comparisons, or identifying issues. Field surveys play a critical role in ensuring construction projects stay on budget and deadline. That's why we're discussing five ways to improve field surveying results within detailed services processes.

Complete a Pre-Construction Survey

When managers complete a pre-construction survey, it allows them to create a better understanding of the job site that's under development. Surveying also will enable you to make notes regarding land elevations that need addressing. You'll also be able to determine if teams are necessary for breaking down existing structures.

Reporting plays a significant role in pre-construction surveying. The main reason is that, as you go through the process, you're using all the collected data to see the "big picture." These reporting techniques also allow you to focus on hand-picked elements from the data you gather to gain specific insights. Reporting allows you and your team to view data as text and graphs by a particular location, as well as have access to high-quality audio, photo, and video.

Make Comparisons

Utilizing field surveying enables you to compare a project's construction models and plans. By completing these comparisons, it's possible to identify and address all significant issues. Making comparisons also helps to avoid and prevent all the significant problems before they become costly and time-consuming.

These field surveying techniques also help you look for and identify emerging challenges, including safety hazards and security issues. Making these comparisons is an actionable way of increasing your knowledge of the customer's needs, sustainability solutions that might be present, and how productivity can improve on the construction project's job site.

Implement the Use of Drones

Technology is continuously evolving, and that includes in the area of field surveying. You can help improve your field surveying results with the use of drones. These pieces of technology will scan your construction sites and identify all potential issues. One of the most substantial benefits of using drones is that they automatically report GPS coordinates.

If you're working on large-scale construction projects, you'll find that they benefit the most from drones scanning those areas. You'll not only reduce the amount of time it takes for field surveying large-scale projects, but you can analyze the cans to determine if the project is going according to plan. With fewer boots on the ground, that means the construction project is costing less.

Automate Everything

Automation is becoming the new "buzz word" throughout commercial constructions, and for a good reason. Through the implementation of automation tools, you can experience faster turnaround times with lower costs. Automation also allows you to gather data more efficiently and in less time. That results in you being able to share more data with stakeholders and team members.

The use of automation involves sending interactive reports to the correct stakeholders or supervisors automatically. That means, as soon as a project reaches completion, your crew can prep for the next phase because they have all the information on-hand. Automation also allows you to store values and other data automatically. That helps reduce errors and improves accuracy because there's less logging the surveyor must do.

Monitor Site Changes Efficiently

It's no mystery how time-consuming it is to gather field survey data manually. Therefore, when you're trying to improve field surveying results, you must develop a quick and streamlined method for collecting data. By developing a system for monitoring site changes effectively, you can accurately account for all changes while developing a project plan.

That's where utilizing multiple permissions comes into play. When there is more than one person having access to a project, that means there's less chance for miscommunications occurring. Having a streamlined communication system allows for more effective monitoring, which results in field surveying improvements. As a construction manager, you can give numerous permissions to members of your team to edit and view specific reports as you see fit.


Now that you know the five ways to improve field surveying results with detailed service processes, it's time to put them into action. Implementing these techniques will not only lead to your results improving but processes streamlining as well. Array is a proactive approach to helping your company understand the five different ways to improve filed surveying with detailed service processes to maximize company scalability so that your business can flourish with an increase in profit. Learn more about improving your field surveying results by scheduling a 1-on-1 demo with one of our construction operations specialists now.

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