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Construction operations has historically been a process plagued with inefficiencies. From inaccurate cost estimates to inefficient communication, there are significant challenges to keeping your business on track in commercial construction.

These drawbacks can be corrected, however, by replacing outdated and inaccurate data-collection methods with more innovative, effective surveying tools so you can ensure digital accountability—and the future of your construction firm.

Communication Inefficiencies in Construction

Construction projects have the typical issues with communication, which can cost firms valuable time and money. When operations managers implement more efficient communication methods, this helps support the whole team in multiple ways.

So, what does communication efficiency actually look like? “Communication efficiency means that you deliver your message quickly in a way that allows the receiver to hear it, interpret and make use of it as you intended,” according to Neil Kokemuller with the Houston Chronicle.

Construction operational managers need to remove communication roadblocks between team members to keep operations efficient. But they’ll only accomplish that by updating their methods for communication. Technology platforms like Array include field surveying tools to ensure accurate data collection, transparent communication, and ease of reporting across your company.

According to building industry research, a successful project just isn’t possible without these kinds of tools in place: “The achievement of the project depends a lot upon how the team is organized, and well thought of, by having strategies supporting facilitators and reducing inhibitors to communication.”

Operations managers can help projects move along more smoothly and ensure that data reporting is more accurate by using tech tools that support their processes.

Inefficient Communication = Inaccurate Data Collection

Your operations will stay more streamlined when the whole team is supported with tools for better communication and data accuracy.

Managers can still use more traditional tools with their crew but should note that each mode of communication has its own unique challenge. “The phone doesn't allow for nonverbal communication, but you can interact verbally,” explains Kokemuller. “E-mail isn't often as effective because of context issues, but it can allow for back-and-forth communication as both participants can respond. It's also efficient at getting information to the field quickly.”

Operations managers in large commercial construction firms have tried to run their processes using more traditional communication methods, but when it comes to collecting data, more accountability and accuracy is needed.

In other words, analog methods like Excel spreadsheets (or pen and paper) just aren’t going to cut it anymore.

Solutions for Every Client

The construction industry isn’t exactly quick to adopt new tools. Many firms wait for their competitors to implement new technology before updating their own processes.

“What’s holding the industry back from taking on tech? Cost, scale, and a lack of existing-use cases are a few of the factors keeping construction executives from investing in new technology,” writes Hallie Busta for Construction Dive.

Array has helped multiple firms (across several industries) with technology solutions that streamline their processes and make data collection less of a hurdle. The team at Natural Power consults with clients across the globe about wind, solar, and other forms of energy. They needed a way to collect and report accurate information for their clientele and turned to Array for solutions.

Field surveying tools allowed the team at Natural Power to collect data from wind farms and offshore locations easily, using tables and custom forms. They’re now able to export that data for clients and report information more accurately.

Technology to Support Your Success

Technology from Array offers operations teams a plethora of tools for staying in touch and helps automate that communication so everyone on your team is on the same page. With more reliable surveying tools, you guarantee clearer communication across teams and data that you can actually use!

Software from Array helps operations teams replace their outdated data-collection methods in a few ways:

  • Includes digital forms that eliminate the need for inaccurate and inefficient surveying methods
  • Offers mobile access (smartphone or tablet) for on-the-go communication and data collection
  • Has interactive reporting that gives managers the big picture, as well as detailed insights on specific data sets
  • Has automated processes, so you’re ready for what’s next on your task list without having to think about it
  • Makes multiple permissions easy, so the whole team stays on the right page

With modern technology like Array, operations managers have solutions that make data collection and communication easier for everyone on their team.

That kind of efficiency can go a long way on any project, but it also presents solutions across your entire business. According to Construction World: “By being more in tune with the details of a specific project, opportunities for adjustment and modification may present itself, which may stand to increase operational efficiency in all areas.”

Why wait for your competition to take the leap on a new technology solution? Schedule a test drive with Array by arranging your free trial today.

Array (formerly Launchcloud) helps construction operation professionals increase workflow and create synergy between team members and managers. Array's customizable forms and reports enable better construction workflows by replacing time-consuming analog data collection, reporting, and paperwork with digital forms that make information readily available, easy to gather, and quick to send.

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