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The reports area is where you can view, download, and analyze your data. You can filter the information held in projects, forms, and maps to segment and download any bulk or single elements that you want to examine.

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Filter It

Visualize your form data in a way that works for you

See the big picture by viewing all of your data, or alternatively, gain specific insights by focusing on hand-picked elements of your data collection.

  • Location

    View submissions by their geographical location, anywhere in the world.

  • Graphs

    The graph view provides a more interactive and visual way to view your data.

  • Media

    By clicking the media option in reports, you will see your videos, pictures, and audio uploads in full resolution.

  • Submissions

    The most straightforward way to view all your data is by clicking the “Submissions” button.

Bring your data to life

Use advanced reports, maps, graphs and filtering tools to gain a real insight about your business. Get a deeper understanding of how your business ticks.

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Notify Me Notify Me

  • Notification on submission

    Set up email or web notifications for specific users, teams or forms.

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  • Notification on change

    We’ll let you know if a form has been amended after a submission by another user.

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  • Send copy to customer New

    Send customers a copy in PDF, Excel, CSV, or jpeg format upon submission.

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Learn more from the data you collect. Use reports to spot trends in your data.

Use reports to gain an insight and spot trends in your business data.

  • Merge raports

    Merge reports New

    Drag a report tile onto another to combine the two data sets.

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  • Advanced filtering and viewing

    Advanced filtering and viewing

    Filter submissions based on how questions were answered, quickly finding trends and insights within forms.

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  • Scheduled reporting

    Scheduled reporting New

    Pre-set filters so you can have ready-made reports and graphs sent to your email or Evernote daily, weekly — whenever you want.

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  • Downloading


    Filter your data then download it as PDF, CSV or Excel

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Payment reports

Your reports will show all transactions, so there won't ever be a doubt in your mind whether a payment has been accepted or not. How you view your transactions in your reports is up to you. You can even view them on your phone when you are on the go.

View It

View your submissions in a practical yet brilliant way.

Pull out fields for a quick view

Focus on a specific question that was asked in your form and see all responses to this question, meaning that you can spend less time scrolling through irrelevant data and more time looking at the data you need.

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Add or amend data in reports

Edit your data if you need to make an amendment or add supplementary data, this means that if your data has not been recorded correctly, it’s not the end of the world.

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