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Easily create custom form themes, color schemes, and add your own branding.

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Check out Array’s simple and
easy-to-use form theme creators.

Fully branded web and mobile forms

Build brilliant forms with the Array form theme creator.

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Adapt your admin console to your brand

Customize the header logos, colors, and web app icon of your Array admin console.

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  • Custom app icon

    Custom app icon on web app Your own app

    Change the Array web app icon to your own logo, providing a fully branded experience.

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  • Google Fonts

    Add Google Fonts Add a bit of style

    Import Google Fonts to your forms, fully immersing your brand.

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  • Logo

    Customize the logo on your admin dashboard and on your forms.

  • Fonts

    Fully customizable fonts, so your text matches your branding.

  • Colors

    Change the primary and secondary colors in your form themes and admin dashboard to match your style.

  • Background image

    Add beautiful background images to your forms that stand out from the crowd.

No coding. Fully customizable.

t is important for forms to match your branding standards, but it is equally important that the creation of forms be as time-efficient as possible. Use Array’s theme designer to create a beautiful theme that fits right into your own brand style. Our easy-to-use form designer means that you don't have to code for hours to match your branding, leaving you to focus on the more important areas of your business.

Download pre-made themes

If you don't want to design your own form theme, we offer a wide range of predesigned themes ready for you to download and use.

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