How to Reach Your Construction Safety Inspection Service's Full Potential

Managing a construction project can be made more efficient when operational managers have solutions and resources available to them.

Without a doubt, construction projects are complex and high-risk work. In fact, one out of five worker fatalities in 2017 were in construction, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the industry has a bigger need than ever to streamline projects so that safety is made a priority.

Mobile technology and software innovations have made improvements in construction safety, by requiring project safety checks and making information more accessible to all team members.

The benefits of using construction safety inspection service software go beyond a successful project, though! And by using the right technology, construction managers can make it easier to implement safer practices in their business, in a fraction of the time.

Planning For Safety Inspection Success

When it comes to passing any safety inspection, operational managers can help to guarantee success by being consistent about preventative maintenance in the workplace.

That means implementing a safety training program for team members, and running regular safety checks. Frequent audits in different areas of the project will help managers and team members prioritize safety on the job.

Here are a few tips to get operational managers started:

  1. Open up communication: Managers should have all team members provide feedback throughout the project, and ask questions to help ensure the team is on the same page with individual tasks. Using mobile technology through platforms like Array can make it easier for teams to communicate project information at a moment’s notice.
  2. Streamline workflows: Remove delays by planning ahead with individual teams and set up workflows to manage any project benchmarks. Managers can use a construction safety inspection service to help automate project workflows, allowing teams to track their work step-by-step through mobile devices for on site updates.
  3. Perform regular audits: Don’t leave a safety inspection up to chance. Check on the status of your project regularly to make sure installation is going according to plan, and that maintenance checks resolve any long-standing issues.

    PRO TIP: Set up a variety of individual progress checklists for updates on your project, then use this data to run maintenance and improve future processes.

    1. Employee support: Give your team the tools and opportunities they need to stay accountable and communicate feedback about job safety. Take extra care to assign individual roles based on respective worker skills and abilities. Try to work personally with teams to figure out how they can best carry out any Standard Operating Procedures.

Solutions For a Smoother Inspection

Working with the right construction inspection safety service can help you stay compliant with local building and safety codes, and can improve your business.

Array features inspection service technology to help managers reduce paper clutter, improve field reporting quality, and make it easier to zero in on the work that really needs to be done.

More Control + Visibility

Array allows your maintenance teams to work from anywhere, with any device, so routine maintenance checks become easier and more accurate. Designing a custom maintenance checklist will help your team document the most useful data and make it easily accessible in the future, while providing improved insight into safety compliance.

Better Safety + Standards

Using Array gives operational leaders peace of mind, ensuring standards and processes are followed and safety is a priority. Using improved reporting technology, managers can create custom reports that make it easier to find early solutions.

Clear Communication + Team Support

Array lets you integrate and sync data from any device, and allows sharing between team members (no matter where they are). Communications software ensures all teams are properly notified of safety information while allowing effortless access to shareable documents. With mobile access from any location, teams can perform more accurate and accountable safety checks.

More Efficiency + Easier Reporting

The variety of jobs in construction often require highly specific safety checks. You can plan ahead for your diverse inspection needs with Array’s maintenance template forms, saving you time, and our integrative software allows visibility of jobs and their unique status.

Ensuring a Safer Future in Construction

The demand for safer and more efficient construction projects is on the rise, with reports of continued increases in OSHA inspections in the near future.

With the proper construction safety inspection service and Array’s innovation in technology, teams have the tools to ensure safer, compliant projects.

Prevent issues before they come up and encourage safety when you implement solutions like Array.

Array helps construction operation professionals effectively communicate and improve operations visibility. Array's customizable forms and reports enable better construction site workflows by increasing project visibility and improving field communications.

To see how your construction company can have a better workflow, schedule a 1-on-1 demo with one of our construction operations specialists now.

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