Compliance Inspection

No one’s into inspections, but you also don’t want to set yourself up for a nasty downfall. As you know, compliance laws are continually changing across various industries, and construction service companies are no different. With non-compliance, you have to deal with tough enforcement bodies and severe penalties if you fail to comply.

Compliance leads your company to improved health and safety records as well as improve efficiency. When you have the right tools, your construction service compliance inspection is easier than you think.

Getting ready for the construction service compliance inspection

You’re getting ready for your compliance inspection. Are you still using paper forms to prepare? Seriously?

You have several concerns as the inspection approaches. You need to:

  • Track field team progress.
  • Get timely reports and status updates from your team.
  • Improve company-wide alignment and communication.
  • Reduce on-the-job risks due to unaccounted for and documented hazards.
  • Identify and resolve project issues due to inefficient data recording techniques.

With these in mind, It’s time to ditch the paper and automate all of your compliance inspection processes. You’ll need the tools to help, and here’s where Array can give you a hand with mobile technology.

Array Form builder

When you’re anticipating a construction compliance inspection, you don’t have the time to code and build online forms, especially when you’re in the middle of a project.

There’s a way to make your life easier.

Array is a cloud-based data automation and collection mobile technology solution. It provides you with the ability to build and use online forms via your mobile device or the web, whether you’re online or offline.

If you’re a drag-and-drop fan, Array’s Form Builder lets you do just that to create dynamic form layouts. You can easily build powerful digital, interactive forms for your construction compliance inspections. Its theme designer also allows you to create custom form themes, color schemes, and a customized company logo.

The forms provide faster, streamlined data collection processes for your compliance inspection so every crew member remains on track, regardless of their location, and even if they’re off the job site. Their Array forms and data are available for them 24/7 whether they online or offline on any mobile device.

Array for email and workflow automation

Array recognizes that you have to create proper visibility and see who is at which stage in your workflow process when out crews are out the field.

Email and rules-based workflow automation capabilities let you set reminders for team members preparing for any regulation and rule changes. You can attach policy documents and health and safety document checklists via email. That way everyone is in the know since there’s full transparency with shareable documents.

You’re also able to identify key dates for law changes and set reminders for your teams so they’re fully ready. Compliance is maintained, and there’s no risk for your company.

Array for Reporting

Array’s reporting capabilities enable you to send interactive, analytical reports to those involved in the compliance inspection.

You can turn detailed insights into submitted information and any potential issues that may arise via custom reporting capabilities via Array to help make the critical decisions. You can focus on hand-picked elements of data collection, and view and download data based on location as text or graphs, photos, videos, and/or audio content.

Array enables you to submit this data from anywhere with tailor-made compliance checks. That way you’re ensured no risks are taken and procedures are carried out safely. Data can be synced from any device and shared with any of your departments from any location, so everyone is kept in the loop.

Array for Mobile access

Array provides you with a free Android, iPad, or iPhone IOS mobile app so you have access to all your forms and folders. You can collect data, take pictures, and sign documents. and share all of your information, even when you’re offline. Crew workflow is improved since everyone has the information they need.

Compliance inspections

As you know, compliance legislation is always evolving. You’re probably aware that there are 25 key pieces of health and safety regulations that apply to the construction industry because of its high-risk nature.

When you’re preparing for your compliance inspection, you’ll be able to submit your data from anywhere at any time with tailor-made compliance checks. This helps speed up the compliance inspection process and will ensure that no risks are taken, and all SOPs are checked regularly.

Array for your successful construction service compliance inspections

When it comes to construction site compliance inspections, there’s no reason for a nasty downfall. You need everyone on the same page for a successful inspection and Array provides you with the tools you need. For a positive outcome, you have to implement a detailed construction site safety inspection checklist. With Array capabilities, you use it and no longer have to worry about an inadequate inspection.

Array helps construction operation professionals effectively streamline workflows in their efforts to maximize scalability. Array's customizable forms and interactive reports enable faster, smoother workflows with fewer errors, so you can focus more on growing your business.

To see how your construction company can have a better workflow, schedule a 1-on-1 demo with one of our construction operations specialists now.

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