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Array’s suite of form building and reporting tools bring efficiency to any local government department.

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Government services should be efficient. With Array, all of the tasks and services your departments undertake, from fighting fires to managing forests, will be quicker, easier and more efficient.

Easy-to-use features

  • Admin Only Fields

    Not all fields are for external use. Adding an admin-only field with password protection and user permissions lets your administrative team add their own information to completed forms.

  • Barcode

    Let users scan barcodes using their device and collect the information right in the form. Array uses their phone or tablet’s camera to instantly capture barcode information and product codes, ensuring complete accuracy.

  • Drag and Drop

    Array couldn’t be simpler to use. Our drag and drop form builder lets you create your own forms or amend our library of templates quickly and easily. Just click the field you need and drag into place.

  • Custom Report Builder

    Do different departments need different data points shown in different ways? Array lets you customize reports, and schedule them to run at the right time to keep the right people informed.

  • Email Trigger

    Save time - and expense - with email triggers that kick into gear when a relevant email is received. No need for manual workflows, Array handles everything.

  • Email Templates

    Save even more time by using Array’s pre-configured email templates - or customize them to meet the precise needs of your company and your clients. You can even add your own branding.

Stay up to date with daily inspection reports

Use Array to create your inspection reports, and you can instantly send them to field workers, and collect data in real time as they’re completed and logged.

  • Create in-depth reports with a custom form builder
  • Tailor reports to specific departments and roles
  • Safely and securely collect data and responses
  • Automatically create and share insightful daily reports

Save time and automate any sector of your business operations with form templates that work for you

Get up and running today with Array's digital online forms ready to go for any government department

Access everything you need, even without a signal

If you’re patrolling a national park, heading out to a 911 call, or even just carrying out inspections, you can’t expect to have complete cell coverage. Array lets users work offline, before uploading data when they’re back in range.

  • Fully compatible with all mobile devices
  • Offline functionality lets you work with no connection
  • Track field worker location
  • Full security to keep your data safe

Track and assign tasks with automated workflows

Reduce your administrative workload by automating tasks and workflows using simple, powerful logic functions.

  • In-built logic to automatically create and assign tasks
  • Automated email, SMS and message triggers
  • Remote overviews and approvals
  • Secure file delivery

Keep your workers safe with automated checklists

Whatever your department’s responsibilities, it’s important to keep everyone safe. At all times. Array lets you monitor and audit employee safety remotely in real time.

  • Create simple safety checklists
  • Monitor compliance in real time
  • Keep track of field team location
  • Instantly spot compliance lapses

Share the right information with fully customized PDFs

Make a professional impression with rich, customized PDF documents. Create and manage them in Array, and email them directly to clients and agents in seconds.

  • Fully custom layouts
  • Branded themes and colors
  • Create and save templates
  • Full email integration

Turn paperwork into a mobile app

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