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School Survey - Children

Education is a two-way street. Our instructors may be a classroom’s formal educators, but there’s much to learn from the children themselves. This form allows students the opportunity to provide valuable feedback so that our teachers can continue to improve their curriculum and create a safe, healthy, comfortable, and productive learning environment.


Fully Mobile: Array’s forms are optimized for use on any device. Complete the form on your computer or use any iOS or Android mobile device.

Offline Capable: No internet connection? No problem. Array’s forms can be completed entirely offline. Once connection is resumed, they will automatically upload into the secure cloud server.

Conditional Logic: Utilize conditional logic to make certain fields visible only if relevant based on previous input or go more in depth and to create even more robust form automation workflows.

Document Generation: Automatically convert form data into fully finalized PDF documents – have your final report completed in minutes.

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