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Information and data-gathering for everyone from single school departments to entire school districts - Array makes it easy.

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Array’s suite of data-gathering, collection and analysis tools makes it simple for school and education administrators to effortlessly handle everything from gathering permission slips to sharing asset information across a whole school district.

Easy-to-use features

Array isn’t only for administrators

Array doesn’t just make life easy for school administrators. Students can use it too. Teachers can use Array to simply assign tasks so students know when that big assignment is due.

  • Automated email, SMS and message triggers
  • No need for bulky, expensive, environmentally-unfriendly paper
  • Easy grade reporting and analysis
  • Safe, socially-distanced sharing for remote learning

Ready made education forms to help save you time

Get up and running today with our ready to go digital online forms

Real time access even when you’re not connected

School field trips don’t always head to Wi-Fi hotspots, but Array lets you share information wherever you are.

  • Full offline functionality for student registration, incident reports and other forms
  • Instant updates from web to mobile
  • Fully compatible with all mobile devices
  • Full security on every device to keep data safe

Fully compatible with every school task

Array is flexible and simple to use, making it perfect for a range of administrative, learning, and data gathering tasks, including:

  • Hiring and onboarding documents
  • Purchase and reimbursement requests
  • Field trip and event sign up forms
  • Permission slips
  • Incident reports

Make it simple to submit any kind of assignment

Array can be used for any type of assignment, with a range of tools that are perfect for remote learning.

  • Use a simple form to run a pop quiz
  • Request video, photo or illustration assignments
  • Track submissions and see who’s late with their homework
  • Set workflow triggers for teachers to make marking simpler and easier

Turn paperwork into a mobile app

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