Never Miss A Single Detail During Your Fire Inspections

When completing fire safety and compliance inspections, nothing is more important than making sure your inspections are as accurate as possible. Use Array to complete your inspections on a mobile app so you can ensure you never miss a step.

Maintain NFPA Compliance

  • Safety

    The safety of a building's inhabitants falls on the successful completion of fire safety inspections. Ensure the properties you inspect are up to code by using a fully digital and mobile platform that keeps buildings and the people who inspect them up to NFPA Standards.

  • Accuracy

    You need to maintain compliance with NFPA standards while making sure you complete the most accurate inspection and risk assessments possible. Mobile inspections powered by Array lead to more accurate inspections so you never miss a single detail.

  • Efficiency

    It isn't just important that you complete accurate fire inspections, but you also have to be efficient in the work you do. Sometimes fire inspections span massive properties, so the efficiency that results from a mobile application is imperative to make the most of your incredibly valuable time.

The Essential Tool for Fire Inspection

Important jobs require powerful tools that can get the job done. Fire safety inspections and risk assessments require the highest level of accuracy and consistency to make sure properties are up to code and their occupants are always safe. Array is full of features that ensure your inspections cover every single detail. Using intelligent forms that generate final PDF report documents, workflow automation, enterprise-level security, and insightful reporting metrics, Array helps you inspect with a greater level of detail and accuracy than ever before.

Fire Inspection Forms & Documents Built For You

We've already built the forms and documents you need to complete your NFPA compliant fire inspections. Ensure accuracy and compliance by completing mobile forms which make sure you never miss any important details. All of our NFPA Forms automatically generate deliverable PDFs upon completion so you don't have to waste your time on administrative tasks or report writing.

Smarter Inspections

Pen and paper is inefficient. Fillable PDFs never work the way they are meant to. Discover a better way to complete inspections and build your final deliverables. Array does more than other mobile form applications by utilizing forms that don't just help you do the work, but actually do the work for you.

  • Powerful mobile forms with automation tools to make collecting inspection data faster than ever before
  • Forms automatically convert into standardized final PDF documents upon completion, saving you hours you would be spending on writing reports manually
  • Email and SMS triggers can send your reports exactly where they need to go the moment you submit a form
  • Integrate photos with illustrations, annotations, and captions into the form itself so you don't waste time uploading and organizing your media later

A Connected Team is a Successful Team

Fire inspectors might need to inspect several different properties owned by the same business. All the inspection data needs to be accessible from one central location so that details don't get lost in transition. Array keeps your fire inspectors in the field connected to the home office and makes sure your data is collated and organized so you all have the information right when you need it, no matter where you might be.

  • Real-time data uploads so all users with permission are fully informed through the entire inspection process
  • Fully encrypted and secure cloud-based storage for instant access to data
  • GPS capabilities make remote team management simple and intuitive
  • Compatible with all iOS and Android mobile devices- both online and offline

Power Your Inspections With Array

Turn paperwork into a mobile app