Construction Site Safety Inspection Checklist

Feeling lucky? If not, what happens when it’s construction site safety inspection time?

Get ready to prepare

Inspections are vital to see how things are going, whether good or bad. For successful inspections, you have to eliminate the common pitfalls of poor communication that results in crews not being on the same page. Not being on the same page can spell trouble when it’s time for your construction site safety inspection.

Here are tools and a construction site safety inspection checklist you can use to help you prepare.

Array Form Builder

Having to build out a form using code is a painstaking process that takes time you just don’t have in the middle of a construction project and the impending inspection. And once you’ve built that form, there’s the question of how you’re going to distribute the construction site safety inspection checklist to your crew. Chances are you’re going to run into communication problems somewhere along the way.

It would be great if you could simply build a mobile form using a drag and drop method.

Array’s Form Builder lets you build a powerful, interactive form that keeps every crew member on track regardless of their location, even if they’re not directly on the job site. You can track crew progress which in turn improves workflow. The entire process is drag and drop, so building a construction checklist form gives you more time to prepare for the site inspection.

Form Builder not only lets you build your own custom form, but Array also has a free construction-specific form to make your form creation even easier.

Form Builder provides you with several functions to build into your form that includes:

  • picture and video buttons
  • signatures
  • audio recordings
  • annotated images
  • data search
  • document attachments
  • barcode scanning
  • QR code reading

Array for Mobile Access

With our free mobile app, you can securely collect and share folders and forms even when you are offline and located anywhere. Array provides access to all your forms with our Android, iPad, and iPhone iOS apps. This means that crews working in the field can collect data, take pictures, and sign documents all on their mobile devices. With the ability to view information at any time, crew workflow is improved since everyone is in the know.

You’re also able to integrate your data with management tools like Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Google Calendar. You can save your Array reports directly into Evernote so you see how your data fits into the project as a whole, while you use Dropbox or Google Drive for document storage. Because it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of everyone’s schedule, Google Calendar lets you view your crew members schedules. Everyone can view information across the board.

Array for Automation

To help you prepare for your site safety inspection, Array’s automation feature lets you respond to specific site inspection concerns with emails that provide additional information. You can attach PDFs, images, or a spreadsheet CSV copy of forms to automated emails. Your team members can receive details of any submissions that have been received, and this is especially useful when you want specific form submissions forwarded to specific team members after completion.

Array for Reporting

Array’s reporting feature enables the viewing, downloading, and analysis of all form data or chosen elements of that data to gain specific insights. Its enables you to filter information from projects, forms, and maps. All you need to do is click the Submissions button, and you’re able to view submissions by location from anywhere in the world. When you view graphs, these give you a more interactive and visual way to view your data.

If you want to receive media-based information, you simply click on the reporting media option where you’ll see high-resolution pictures, video, and audio uploads.

Get Prepared: Your Construction Site Safety Inspection Checklist

It’s time for your construction site inspection and you’re preparing your checklist. Have teams and users complete this form when attending a site to work. Having a safety inspection completed and submitted in real-time can eliminate the risk of an unsafe working environment.

Here’s what items you’ll need in your construction site safety inspection checklist, which is also free, downloadable, and editable:


Safety Representative Name(s)

Emergency Phone Numbers Posted

Emergency Supplies Accessible

First Aid Supplies Stacked

Eye Wash Available and Maintained

Fire Extinguisher Accessible


Company Safety and Health Programs and MSDSs

Training Records including Tool Box Safety Meeting Records

Any Deficiencies of Site/Trailers Comment Box

Facility Security and Public Safety

Site Perimeter Fence

Warning Signs (Hard Hats, No Trespassing, etc.)

Travel/Access Ways (Unobstructed and maintained)

Adequate Lighting for Site and Public

Necessary Detours, Canopies, and Pavements

Traffic Control Plan/Necessary Traffic Details

Holes (Protected by barriers/barricades/marked covers)

Guardrails > 6 ft high

Any Deficiencies of Facility Security and Public Safety Comment Box

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


Safety Glasses (Goggles for liquids)

Hand Protection

Foot Protection

Hearing Protection

Protective Coveralls/Aprons (Chemical or flame resistant)

Traffic Vests/Traffic Paddles

Any Deficiencies of PPE Comment Box


Exits and Access Ways (Maintained and unobstructed)

Waste Receptacles (Adequate number and maintained)

Materials Storage

Projecting Nails

Waste Piles

Enclosed Waste Chutes (> 20 ft high)

Toilet Facilities (Adequate numbers)

Contractors' Responsibilities

Any deficiencies of Housekeeping Comment Box

Safety inspector name signature box


Automatic signature box

Don’t Leave Safety to Chance

When it comes to construction site inspections, you can’t leave safety to chance. You need everyone on the same page for a successful inspection and Array provides you with the tools you need. For a positive outcome, you have to implement a detailed construction site safety inspection checklist. With Array form capabilities, you can complete your checklist, and no longer have to worry about an inadequate inspection.

To learn more about how to develop your construction site safety inspection checklist and to see how Array works, book a discovery date today!

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