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A construction inspection can cause a few headaches for construction operational leaders. Quality is an important aspect of any construction project, but staying on top of inspections, audits, and project reporting isn’t always a priority for busy operational managers.

But if you want your business to grow, staying compliant is key to your company’s success.

The best way to stay compliant is by making it a priority in your projects. Operational leaders can help their projects stay on track by following a bit of field service advice before their next big inspection. One of the best solutions for improving construction inspections? Staying on top of workflows and communication through innovative and easy-to-use construction project technology.

Field Service Advice: Tips for Operational Leaders

To ensure your projects run smoothly and pass inspection, it’s crucial to emphasize quality checks, communication, and a streamlined workflow in every job.

That might seem like a tall order, but there are a few ways that operational managers can guarantee these aspects of their business are running smoothly.

  • Communicate with your team regularly and as project issues arise. Don’t wait to address setbacks or schedule changes with employees. Let them know what to expect and what solutions or resources might be needed for the next phase of a project to avoid assumptions.
  • Perform routine audits throughout a project, outside of official inspections, to help your team stay prepared for upcoming quality checks.
  • Implement a team workflow for all phases of a project, and include quality checks and audits. Ensure everyone on the team can access this workflow and that they understand the different phases.
  • Make reporting a routine in your business. Follow up on projects and collect feedback and data from team members so that you can improve on any scheduling issues or workflow hiccups in the future.
  • Hire and grow a strong team, and ensure they have the right skills. Encourage and provide training or apprenticeship programs, which can also help with employee retention and job satisfaction.
  • Embrace new technologies to help you integrate all project data and team communication. One of the biggest issues in the construction industry is project inefficiencies, costing construction company CEOs time and money.

The demand for more efficiency in construction projects is higher than ever. Luckily there are solutions for project management to help managers run a smooth and successful operation.

Digital Solutions for Construction Teams

The technology that operations teams use can provide field service advice and support a stronger and more smoothly run construction business. Operational leaders don’t have to worry unnecessarily about the compliance of their projects if they have the right construction project technology in place.

Here are some features that managers should look for when choosing the right technology platform to support their business:

Workflow Automation

Set your team up for success with designated workflows that keep the whole team up-to-date. Workflow automation will help you make sure the crew is prepped for any phase of the project and deadlines don’t get overlooked. Reporting Tools and Templates

What good is tracking data if you’re not actually using or learning from it? Reporting technology is sophisticated enough these days to help managers track all project data more easily, and platforms like LaunchCloud ensure you have report templates for any meetings with decision makers and shareholders.

On-The-Go Access to Data

The construction industry has an opportunity to grow with today’s technology, so find a platform with mobile capabilities, making it possible to share data with your team from wherever you are.

Compliance Checks

The platform you use can create reminders for all members of your team to audit their work throughout each phase of a project. You can ensure compliance and rest easy when there are sufficient steps taken for quality control.

Guarantee Compliance on Your Next Project

A compliant project is a successful one, but it’s more than passing an inspection.

When we work with integrity and build projects that are high quality, we help to ensure improvement and growth in the construction industry, along with a more sustainable future.

Using technology and tools that help our teams achieve this kind of quality ensures more compliant projects, happier clients, and the future of your company.

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