Clean Up Your Processes With Array

Array makes life simple for commercial cleaning companies, streamlining your tasks, maintaining standards, and improving team management in multiple locations.

The simple tool for commercial cleaning

You keep facilities and buildings clean. From schools and colleges, to restaurants and resorts, you can tackle any janitorial job in a wide range of locations. But cleaning up your clients’ facilities is easier if you clean up your processes with Array - the smart tool to streamline your task management, ensure standards are met, and get instant feedback from multiple locations.

Simple, Powerful Features

Array provides real-time oversight

Make sure every task is completed fully with in-depth janitorial checklists that turn your teams’ attention to every single area in need of cleaning and maintenance. You’ll instantly see when work has been done, allowing you to track productivity in real-time.

  • Instantly see who’s completed which tasks and when
  • Track employee performance at completing cleaning tasks
  • Analyze data to see which jobs take longer than others - so you know when a larger team is needed to tackle a larger challenge

Ready made commercial cleaning forms & checklists to help you save time

Streamline your processes and procedures with our ready-to-use online forms

Automate your safety alerts

Make sure your teams are working safely with their chemicals and equipment with automated safety alerts. As soon as a team member spots a potential safety issue and logs it, instantly notify management teams and solve issues before they become more serious problems.

  • Use GPS tracking to geotag safety breaches
  • Capture and annotate images and videos to see exactly what’s happened
  • Track safety feedback in real-time to see exactly what’s going on
  • Log every safety alert for full compliance and auditing

Real time reporting across multiple locations

Your teams won’t be cleaning a single room in a single location. You’ll need to keep track of what’s being done across multiple job sites, and report back to your customers so that they know what’s been done. Array makes it simple to stay informed - and to inform your customers.

  • Automatically update every single worker’s task checklists when they update a procedure
  • Create subforms with checklists for multiple rooms in a single building to make sure nothing is missed
  • Collate all the task and workflow information you gather on one secure server
  • Generate instant reports for your customers so they can see what’s been done

Handle multiple teams and multiple workflows

Commercial cleaning can be complex. The tools and techniques needed to keep a school clean might be similar to those needed in a government office, but they’ll be different from those used in a restaurant. Array lets you tailor tasks for specific cleaning jobs, and even specific team members.

  • Use Array to generate custom workflows for specific jobs and tasks
  • Use intuitive data searches so workers can complete forms quickly and easily
  • Collect photographic evidence to prove that a job’s been carried out correctly
  • Manage every single workflow and checklist from one simple no-code dashboard

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