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Equipment inspections are a crucial part of running a construction team, and they’re made easier and more accurate when you have technology that supports your crew.

But when construction operations managers help their team members survey equipment more quickly and effectively, it helps to guarantee that projects are successful and your crew members stay safe. Everyone wins!

Here’s how implementing the right technology tools can strengthen your operations, keep your team safe, and prevent costly construction equipment mistakes.

How Safe is Your Crew (Really)?

When you don’t have safety protocols in place on a construction job, it can result in a few costly mistakes, from faulty construction equipment, to missed deadlines, to worker injury.

When your equipment isn’t operating properly, there are often serious consequences. Even though teams might be cautious around heavy machinery, accidents (even amputations) still happen: “They are widespread and involve various activities and equipment,” say experts at OSHA.

“Amputations are among the most severe and disabling workplace injuries that often result in permanent disability,” according to OSHA.

But these kinds of accidents are absolutely avoidable, especially when regular maintenance and equipment surveys are an established part of your construction team operations.

And in today’s industry, there are technology solutions for construction managers who want to keep their teams safe and performing at their best. Software like Array ensures that construction managers get reminders when it’s time to survey equipment. That way teams can stay on track with auditing, collect valuable information more easily, and prevent accidents with equipments.

The Cost Benefits of an Equipment Survey

Keeping up with your equipment helps to ensure the safety of your team members, but when you survey equipment and heavy machinery, you’re ultimately protecting your business investment.

“Although heavy equipment owners have the option of maintaining only the minimum to meet OSHA requirements, they shouldn’t overlook other details if they want their equipment to last,” reports Macallister. “Heavy equipment can last for years if properly maintained. Considering some heavy machinery costs more than a house, it is a smart move to take utmost care of these powerful tools.”

When construction teams have a streamlined process to survey costly equipment, they help to ensure smoother projects and safety compliance. But protecting your equipment with maintenance also saves construction firms time and money.

Why not invest what you can in every aspect of your business?

The industry-wide need for safer construction operations has given rise to solutions in the form of technology. Technology like Array allows managers to streamline equipment auditing processes, so that you can communicate directly with your team, and remind them about specific tasks. This kind of automation makes the job of surveying equipment go much more smoothly, keeping your team (and expensive machinery) safe and on track.

Protecting the Future of Construction

Operations managers can protect their team, equipment, and the future of their construction firm with preventative maintenance, and by leveraging technology for more accurate maintenance checks.

“Preventive maintenance is in fact an investment in safety, efficiency, cost-efficiency, and productivity,” writes Trekker Group. “Once you see it this way, choosing to be proactive about caring for your heavy equipment—itself a major investment—and keeping up with the manufacturer-recommended maintenance schedule is an easy call.”

Construction teams can keep up with their equipment easily by leveraging technology that makes surveying easier. The robust technology from Array ensures that operations managers:

  • Can help their team members access information on-the-job (and anywhere!) through mobile and tablet devices
  • Toss outdated paper auditing methods and make inaccurate manual data tracking obsolete
  • Can easily assign tasks and track the status of their equipment, all through one super convenient and easy-to-use platform
  • Have reports and data to refer to when it comes time to update equipment surveys

Technology for Safer Teams + Scalable Business Growth

Construction teams across the States have used Array technology to help them manage data and stay on track with tasks.

Restoration professionals at REPS recently found Array after a three-year search for the best inspection technology. They needed something that could help their team members through surveying processes and allowed for photo uploads.

“The Array app exceeds expectations as far as what I thought was available for a low monthly price,” says REPS co-founder Thomas Balmes. “β€œThe Array app exceeds expectations as far as what I thought was available for a low monthly price,” says REPS co-founder Thomas Balmes. β€œ[It] will make it affordable to scale growth with Array. Nothing compares to Array in terms of flexibility, scalability, value, and customer service.It will make it affordable to scale growth with Array. Nothing compares to Array in terms of flexibility, scalability, value, and customer service

When your team and heavy machinery are working at their highest potential, construction operations managers can feel confident about the projects and processes they oversee. That kind of confidence in business is unbeatable, and with technology tools like Array at your fingertips, you help to guarantee the future (and success) of your business.

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