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The data you need, where you need it, all in real time. Array makes it easy.

The Workflow Bundle for the Insurance Industry

Array’s suite of workflow, reporting and data analysis tools makes it simple for you to manage insurance tasks, check in with brokers and agents, and keep your branding and identity consistent.

Easy-to-use features

Real time access to all your important data

Insurance is all about accurate assessments - and that means the right data at the right time. Array collects and analyzes your data in instant, real-time reports.

  • Custom report building for each department
  • Full, simple Excel integration
  • Set and track your own metrics
  • Encrypt your data with built-in security

Save time and automate any sector of your business operations with form templates that work for you

Get up and running today with Array's digital online forms ready to go for the insurance industry

Track tasks as they happen with automated workflows

Reduce your administrative workload by automating tasks and workflows using simple, powerful logic functions.

  • In-built logic to automatically create and assign tasks
  • Automated email, SMS and message triggers
  • Remote overviews and approvals
  • Secure file delivery

Access everything you need, wherever you are

Whether you’re in the office, working remotely, or out on site for an inspection, Array lets you access the tools and information you need from both mobile and desktop.

  • Fully compatible with all mobile devices
  • Offline functionality lets you work without a connection
  • Track field worker location
  • Full security to keep your data safe

Share the right information with fully customized PDFs

Make a professional impression with rich, customized PDF documents. Create and manage them in Array, and email them directly to clients and agents in seconds.

  • Fully customizable layouts
  • Branded themes and colors
  • Create and save templates
  • Full email integration

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